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"Review from Family Man Online"

The Strange Kidz - Kidz Album

Reviewed by Gregory Keer

The title track of this album says it all. The lyrics are about misfit kids and the raucous punk-infused music is likewise offbeat. The rest of the recording, by five musicians based in New York City, careens from rock to country and sideways to jazz in ways that are strange but chaotically playful. Kind of like many kids I know (especially those who live in my house).

The debut recording by the group of self-described “superhero musicians” begins with several novelty-oriented tracks, including the ‘70s kid show-style “Robot Land” (the group says Sid and Marty Krofft are influences) and the Egyptian-tinged “Rocket Croc.” But the collection of 16 tunes really hits a stride in the last third of the album, particularly because of the prominent vocals of Virginia Kamenitzer. Take a listen to the Noel Coward-inflected “Tidy” (about keeping things neat), the alt-pop-fueled “Forgettin’ Girl,” and the Spanish-language-infused “Corren.”

With songs written and produced by Patrick Shaw, the band is also comprised of Kamenitzer on vocals, Terence Brennan on vocals and guitar, Mike Bell and Tim Quick on more guitars, and Dave DeRiso on drums. Together they are a wild bunch of Strange Kidz worth wrestling onto your music machine. -

"Article on us from Boulevard Magazine"

"Everyone tells you how great parenting is. When you
are expecting a baby, strangers off er car salesman-
style stump speeches in public places about how
their kids are “the greatest thing to ever happen.”
They are right….kinda. As a father of two small children, I
can agree about the fulfi lling part. But I can also take issue
in their sins of omission with respect to certain details such
as the fatigue, loss of your independence, your house always
looking and feeling like 25 hand grenades just exploded
and the constant noise…oh, god, the noise! What people
almost never mention is how kids’ music is going to drive
you absolutely bat crazy. You fi nd yourself in this dilemma
frequently – their favorite TV program may be the only thing
that calms down the tiny tyrants, but if you have to listen to
that damn Lazy Town theme song one more time, it’s off to the
workhouse with them! Well, not really, but Dickens does takes
on a new relevance to parents of toddlers. The Strange Kidz, a
new children’s entertainment extravaganza is the aging rocker
parent’s saving grace – and secretly…shh…it’s for us!
Created and composed by producer/songwriter Patrick
Shaw, the Strange Kidz have fi rmly established themselves as
the defi ning sound of “Kindie Rock.” This relatively new genre
is borne out of the mega-commercial pseudo-kids’ acts such
as Ralphie and Laurie Berkner who play heavier than Barney,
but still keep a Fisher Price veneer. The Strange Kidz gobbles
up these acts with a sophisticated arrangement so cool that I
listened to the album six times before even showing it to my
four-year-old. What the Strange Kidz and other kindie rock
pioneers, such as Mr. Ray, have long known is that children
have an enormous capacity to consume, understand and
enjoy complicated music. These artists never write down to
the kids – they simply give them music and invite them to
be included. Parents, take note – you are about to get really
excited about rock music again.
“This ain't your ‘Raffi /Wheels on the bus go round and
round’ type of kids’ music,” says Shaw as he takes me through
for Adults Will Find You Secretly
Bopping on Your child’s iPod
Kid’s Music ....."

Full article up on our Myspace page. - Boulevard Magazine


Just released our premiere album: "Kidz Album"

Coming Soon: "the Strange Kidz perform at Live From the Penthouse - from Times Square"



-Who are these Strange Kidz?-
Super-powered orphaned rock band the Strange Kidz find the time to rock all y'all while fighting evil villains and solving crazy mysteries. From their underground lair deep beneath Central Park they watch over the world for evil-doers while writing zany songs.

-The Album-
"Kidz Album", the Strange Kidz premiere album, is a cross-genera romp with music that is catered to be fun for both kids and adults. Songs range from pop rock to hip-hop to folk and ska with inspiration drawn from such wide sources as They Might Be Giants, Dan Zanes and the Wiggles to Johnny Cash, the Muppets and School House Rock.

-Coloring Comic Book-
Thats right the wacky adventures of the Strange Kidz are drawn out in an indie comic the kiddies can color themselves.

-We've been played on-
Kids Corner -
88.5fm WXPN-Philadelphia PA
88.7fm WXPH-York/Lancaster, PA
99.7fm WXPH-Harrisburg, PA
104.9fm WXPN-Lehigh Valley, PA
90.5fm WKHS-Worton/Baltimore, MD
Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl -
91.5fm WAWL-Chattanooga
91.1fm WDBX-Southern Illinios
Kids Kamp -
FUN Kids Radio -
Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child -
93.9 The River
Valley Free Radio -
103.3 FM WXOJ-LP - Northampton, Ma
101.5 WSSH - Brattleboro
Musical Merry Go Round -
88.1 KDHX - St Loius
Gooney Bird Kids -
All Ages Show -
103.3 WPBR - New Jersey

-We've been reviewed/featerued by-
the Family Man Online -
Boulevard Magazine

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