The Stranger Gallery

The Stranger Gallery


The Stranger Gallery is a two-piece guitar and drum outfit that primarily plays "tightly wound, emotionally charged math rock with an electronic bent" ~ What's Up Magazine


The Stranger Gallery hails froms Bellingham, Washington and was formed in February of 2008 out of two thirds of the now defunct Armonikos. Inspired by the diverse lanscapes of the Northwest, The Stranger Gallery began to create their own brand of electro-rock by melding angular fingerstyle guitar and thunderous drum work with electronic soundscapes. The result is music that is full of contrast without sacrificing cohesion or identity.


"Horse Heaven Hills" (EP)

Set List

Is That Seagulls? (5min)
Bleep Talk (4min)
Happy Holidays (6min)
Sleep Engine (4min)
Point Guidance (5min)
Decide, Don't Mind (4min)
Falling Out of Cars (6min)

Total Set Length~40min