The Strangers

The Strangers

 London, England, GBR
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"More cockney swagger than The Long Good Friday - great to see a front man still giving it some" Steve Jones, Sex Pistols

On the top of my breakthrough list for 2013" Alex Kerr-Wilson, Discovery


"A love of rock and mod-friendly indie meets rap in a delicious cockney morsel of BANGING tunes." Emerging Icons

"On the top of my breakthrough list for 2013." Alex Kerr-Wilson, Discovery

The Strangers are an exciting new London-based indie/rock/rap band, consisting of rapper Covo (Inferno, London Urban Collective, Spa Cru), singer Robert Bowers (Universal Music Emerging Icon 2012), guitarist Rob Foster, bassist Craig Taylor, drummer Andy Burt and keyboard player Daisy Conquest. Following the release of the track 'Stranger' as a duo in 2011, Covo and Robert went on to form the band and begin writing and recording with Hackney's finest producer/engineer Steve Honest (Bobby Womack, Oasis, Das Psycho Rangers, Culture Club, Dolly Parton). The Strangers mod/ska/rock influenced live shows have since gathered a formidable following and reputation: "More cockney swagger than The Long Good Friday - great to see a front man still giving it some." Steve Jones, Sex Pistols.

Debut single 'I Feel Strange', produced by Steve Honest and mixed/mastered by Rohan Onraet (Robbie Williams, Shakira), is out 4 February, and the band's debut EP 'There Is No Genre' is out 4 March.

The Strangers rapper Covo comments: "It's great as a British rock band to be picked up by Canadian label who are so passionate about their music - it feels like the icing on the cake after we've been grafting so hard on the writing, recording and our live shows - it's been a great year for The Strangers and we're all itching to kick off 2013 already - next stop Wembley haha - and Vancouver! ;-)"

Co-frontman Robert Bowers adds: "Having worked so hard on writing and recording it's great to be releasing our songs through such a dedicated and genuine group of people with only good music on their minds - feels every bit the revolution - bring it on!"

Revolution Harmony founder Ray Holroyd says: "The Strangers create an urban musical synergy that I just haven't heard before! From the Cockney raps to the mega-melodic choruses to the raw grooves, they're like a sonic summary of London all in one band! I'm ultra excited about introducing music fans here in North America to The Strangers, innit!"


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Set List

Bad Day
I Feel Strange
Rude Boy Sweet
Blood on my Hands
Same Feeling
Permanent Sunglasses
Plots on the Block