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"The Devine Debauchery reviews in Europe"

- 8/10
- they display themselves as a very tight unit capable of writing solid and catchy rock songs.” 65/100

- 13,5/20

- Musix Magazine: catchy hooks en masse but still with the balls to kick some asses. A must for every arena rock fan!”

- “Hard rock fans aren't going to be disappointed. The albums artwork is superb, and perhaps one of the best I've seen in quite some time. 7,6/10

- “The Street play representative but yet exciting 80s US melodic rock, remebering of the good and early albums of Bon Jovi, but and that's the main point they do it in a much more raw and energetic way. A special tip!“

- “The Street obviously have dedicated themselves to revive the sleazy rock genre and like their genre fellows Koritni and Hell N'Diesel they do it in a successful way.” 15/20

- “If The Street could somehow incorporate their obvious knack for good melodies into their more aggressive tracks too, they could potentially put together a landmark album. Everything else seems to be as it should be - the relentless gigging has made them a tight band and there's no shortage of talent as far as I can hear.” 7/10

- 73/100

- “especially singer B. Arnold, whose voice ranges between Jeff Scott Soto and Sebastian Bach, shows his talents and makes this album worth to check.“

- “Songs like 'Devils Dilemma', 'Bitter', the Bon Jovi sounding 'Light Of Day' and 'Nemesis' (with an outstanding begin part) are good enough to me make me curious about their other albums. A good album that deserves a respectable report. My Points: 80/100”

- “80’s Hard Rock from the US that seriously kicks ass, featuring a brilliant singer who rocks like hell!“ 8,5/10

- 5/10

- ““The Divine Debauchery“ has pretty much to offer if you are into solid and professionally performed US hard rock. Sure, THE STREET don't enter new musical grounds but what they do should be interesting for the main target group.“

- 70/100

- “Really a positive surprise!” 4/6

- 3/5

- “‘A Voluntary Loss Of Innocence’ rounds of a great good time Hard Rock album like they used to be and it's great to see some bands are keeping this sound alive instead of riding the trends of the one hit wonders that have been spewed out all to often these days!”

- “Definitely something worth checking out for fans of big late 80s American orientated Mainstream Hardrock (especially the vocals/choruses) with a touch of today's modern approach in the guitar department!” 8,4/10
- noted per line

"Review 1-25-08"

The Street is a hard rock band hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. Their philosophy is simple: "If we stay true to writing the music that is within us and moves us, we can move the listener as well." "The Divine Debauchery" is their 6th full-length album so far, featuring strong US-style hard rock songs full of catchy melodies and big choruses but still with loads of heavy riffs and pounding rhythms. Mainly influenced by stadium rock bands like Motley Crue, Metallica, Van Halen, Bon Jovi and other epic rock bands they simply are following their rock roots. The Street easily fulfills their philosophy: this is great American melodic hard rock without the trappings of current trends. They simply rock!

I was completely captivated from the beginning by this great American band. At times I hear GnR at other times, well, they can be indefinable. The Street definitely rocks in their own style and they do not hold back one bit. They move easily between basic melodic hard rock in the beginning to more conventional modern American rock in the middle, particularly on 'Step It Up' and 'Nemesis,' and them move smoothly into classic melodic rock with metal nuances in the end. Great songs include 'Devil's Dilemma,' 'Vendetta's My Name, and 'One Man Battle,' a great acoustic prelude that introduces a sweeping melodic tune of epic proportions that echo the best of Velvet Revolver. B. Arnold is fine and expressive vocalist, full of emotion and intensity. Randy Vaughn and Chris Miller excel on guitar. Another track of superior merit is 'Walls,' the vocals and melody are superb and the guitars shred in electrical brilliance.

The Street certainly does not fall into the boring trends of current American hard rock. Yet when they delve into those current trends, they far exceed their peers. 'Head Or Be Dead' is a perfect example of this: classic blistering metalized rock with tones of modern American rock that far exceeds their contemporaries. This is excellent, hard driving, American melodic rock. 'A Voluntary Loss Of Innocence,' which closes the album, again demonstrates their brilliance.

There's a certain irony that I acquired this release of an American band from an European label. Why? Because The Street is a level beyond current American rock, far beyond a Nickelback for sure. Maybe they will only be appreciated in Europe, and that is freakin' shame. These guys are so very good. Americans, give The Street a listen, you will be overcome and impressed. Highly recommended!.


4.5 out of 5

OVERALL IMPRESSION. With a huge burst of energy, The Street thumps through the speakers with their self-titled CD. Troy Haun rips out some awesome crunching guitar riffs, supported by Nate Jackson on bass and Rob Lambros' steady if not spectacular drumming. B. Arnold's vocals are made for hard rock, and he handles the duties very well on the album. The high production quality of the CD makes it hard to believe that it was self-produced, and the songwriting is such that you would expect to hear some of the tracks on AOR radio stations. Of the radio-friendly songs on the album, "When Everything Good Is Gone" sounds the most accessible with a song structure similar to a Collective Soul standard. "Nothing There" has a great guitar riff running throughout the song, and was a great way to end the album on a good note. There are a few instances of minor foul language on the album, but it is the exception rather than the rule. Overall, The Street's self-title CD is an outstanding entry into the world of hard rock.
- Rock Review


This is the 3rd CD of the Salt Lake City/Utah, USA based band THE STREET. They play honest 80’s
influenced, catchy, melodic hard rock that reminds me a lot of SHY TIGER and JOHNNY LIMA, if
anyone remembers those acts. They have the sound of a late 80’s California metal band, which is a good thing for sure, because we have missed such bands a lot lately. For the people who are not that familiar with mentioned acts, I can perhaps also mention they sound a bit like BON JOVI and WHITE LION. THE STREET’S sound also demonstrates an air of today’s popular nu-breed melodic pop-rock acts; think HAREM SCAREM meets BARENAKED LADIES). Anyway, only 4 songs are on the new CD, which
offers good clean fun up-tempo melodic rockers in the shape of “Damned if I do” and “Thump”, midtempo
melodic rock in “Grip”, (HAREM SCAREM having dinner with JOHNNY LIMA), catchy tune, also reminds me of the Brazilian band MONKEY BITE, but then get a bit too obscure I guess! And finally, a
good rock ballad titled “Say”. I also received another new demo of the band, which contains 2 songs. Each
of these songs once again combines modern and 80’s elements into an exciting melodic rock sound. THE STREET’S sound is radio-ready if you ask me. The song "Come Alive" and "Out of Mind", (very good strong mid-tempo AOR/melodic rockers, best songs of the band!), are the kind of catchy tunes BON JOVI forgot to write after ‘Keep the faith’. In conclusion, THE STREET is an absolute “must hear” if you’re
into classy 80s melodic hard rock with a slight modern approach.
(Points: 8.1 out of 10) - Strutter Magazine


The Street
Contributed by Antonis Maglaras
1. Damned if i do

2. Say

3. Thump

4. Grip

5. Out of mind

6. Away from here

7. Come alive

8 .Everything good is gone

9. Lost and found

10. Same ol' crazy

United States is a huge country, so it is natural to have bands that are raw diamonds or sometimes hidden diamonds. I said hidden diamonds, because The Street has already four studio albums and "Evolution" is the only one that i have the
opportunity to hear it.

The band released it last year and believe me is a very good piece of music. The Street delivers through their album pure melodic hard rock in the vein of 80ies and with influences from some great
bands like Bon Jovi. The Street tries to have mainstream and catchy songs.

At least in some songs they have achieved this, you can hear once and you can remember songs like: "Say", "Damned if i Do", "Out of mind" and "Come alive".

For sure the band plays music that the American rock fans will love it and i believe also rest of the world will love the music from them.

They have all the components to release very good albums, with very good rock songs and of course rock ballads. Don't loose your time, go and buy their latest album, if you like the good hard rock.

- Metal Domination Magazine



THE STREET is a band from Utah, USA and they have been together for about 15 years already. I reviewed a demo of them some time ago, but I was unaware that they already had done 4 CDs. Now they have a new CD out, their fifth album which they simply titled ‘The Street'. Musically we get to hear a good deal of classy 80s catchy Melodic Rock, which reminds me a bit of the HAREM SCAREM when they play real melodic rock. Actually this THE STREET album is very good, because songs like “Out of mind”, “Say” and “Nothing there” are very strong Melodic Rocksongs. Not many people are aware of this great band, but I definitely give them a big recommendation.
(Points: 8.3 out of 10) - Strutter Magazine


The Underground Spotlight.

The Street
The Street

Grade: A

The Street bring a heavy and melodic mix of music on this self-titled release. In a sound that I would describe as new Metallica meets old Bon Jovi, The Street has a flair for coming up with some seriously contagious and catchy songs; not to mention some stellar guitar and bass riffs. “Thump,” “Grip”, “Hurt Me Good” display the talents of this group and are great tracks. Fans of Velvet Revolver, Y&T (yep, I just mentioned Y&T baby!), Nickelback, Hoobastank or fans of 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s rock should enjoy hitting The Street.
- Audio Nut


•The Devine Debauchery releases worldwide Jan. 25 2008 Distribution with Music Buy Mail/Artist Worxx
•Parris Records picked up our self titled album and has been distributed worldwide.
• Discography consisting of 6 full length CDs, The Miracle Trend (1997), My World (1999),
Weakness (2001), Evolution (2004), The Street S/T (2005), The Devine Debauchery (2007)
• Sold more than 15,000 CD’s
• We are being played on 100+ different internet radio stations. After completing our Radio campaign we are now in rotation on 200 College Stations as well. We have Heavy Rotation on local radio stations KBER, KXRK, and KHTB
• Winners of the 2002 North by Northwest Battle of the Bands competition.
• Performed gigs in every state along the west coast, as well as Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada,Arizona, and Colorado



THE STREET, an original five piece rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah, who’s philosophy is simply, “If we stay true to writing the music that is within us and that moves us, we can move the listener as well.” Their goal is to make timeless music that equates to some of their influences such as U2, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Van Halen and other epic rock bands. They compose songs that not only have a poignant meaning behind them, but are fun and engaging to fans of all ages and walks of life.

Aside from being a group of top notch professionals, THE STREET is a band of great friends that grew up together. They absolutely live for composing, arranging, and most of all performing their music. Some of the band's contemporaries include Metallica, Saliva, Motley Crue, and Stone Temple Pilots, with influences running the gamut from Pantera to Simon and Garfunkel. A lot of bands sound great in the changer, but too often disappoint in their live performance. Not these guys. THE STREET'S live performance is INCREDIBLE!

The show these guys put on is defiantly an energetic,
uplifting, and well executed sight to see.

On the heels of an intoxicating crowd owning performance, at the 3rd annual "ROCKFEST" Show at the Sandy Amphitheater in Utah, Salt Lake City based national rock recording act THE STREET were invited to perform at the legendary Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles... World renowned for launching the careers of many of the most legendary rock acts in the industry such as Led Zepplin, Janis Joplin, & The Doors, just to name a few. The Whiskey welcomed our boys of THE STREET to their stage October 1st 2007. In addition, THE STREET has just finished the recording of their latest album "The Divine Debauchery', and are preparing to hit the road for their upcoming international tour to promote the album.
After many years of honing their skills and perfecting their act, THE STREET has a sound that is radio ready, and a road worthy persona to match. Look for these guys in a venue near you!