The Streetlights

The Streetlights

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The Streetlights are a mix of hard rock, blues and indie put into one master music making machine dedicated to make you feel, sing, dance, laugh but most importantly have a good time. we are the streetlights


History and past venues-
the streetlights started out as just an acoustic duet of pat smith and seth rimmer practicing at local bars and playing gigs with supernova at venues like holy joes and playdium untill the band found a bass player and drummer (Matt Hickinson and Kyle Hickinson) and totaly re amped their sound
playing in a battle of the bands at the El mocambo (toronto) they moved on to the southern ontario finals at the Sound Academy (toronto) then decided to take the band on its own road booking shows with other local bands and bars like the ash night club (barrie), TLC (barrie), the georgian theater (barrie) and Tomboos (Newmarket) are just some of them.

About the band
the band is made up of four members 2 guitarists a bass and a drummer we seem like a normal band but are very different we have no lead man because the band is made up of 3 singers/songwriters each with a different style that just happen to mix very well with the other band members which is how our style will slant more to one genre with 1 song but then completely turn and slant the other way the next song

classic rock bands and some new rock bands
black sabbath
queens of the stone age
led zeppelin
crooked vultures
finger eleven

Set List

our setlists are usually an hour or more long and almost always all originals but when we do cover a song it'll be an old classic rock or blues song re amped to suit the band.
our songs include,

sweet little baby
crash down
break free
thrown into the world
tiny raindrops
no show
bull shit
your to blame

and covers such as,

aint no sunshine - bill withers
white wedding - billy idol
paranoid - black sabbath