The Streets of Reno

The Streets of Reno


The Streets of Reno is made up of four musicians that have learned, played and grown together since the beginning of their musical odyssey. After years of practicing in the bowels of Willis, Michigan they are ready to emerge and bestow upon the world their take on music.


The Streets of Reno started unexpectedly and suddenly when a show was booked before the members had ever played together. This served as the main motivation to begin making their own music. Through the years members have come and gone, but the nucleus of Keith, Mike and Eric have withstood the test of time. Now accompanied by Evan on the keys they have taken on a more complex sound. Each member brings their own influences that add to the band's overall style.
Mike (vocals, rhythm guitar) brings the energy of pop punk to the group with influences from bands such as Blink 182 and the Subways.
Keith (lead guitar) offers up a bluesy aspect to his guitar playing brought on by learning to play the guitar by listening to the White Stripes.
Eric (drums) exhibits an alternative heavy style with an emphasis on the toms.
Evan (keys) is a classically trained pianist that personally admires Ben Folds. The band does not write songs with a specific genre in mind, but lets every song take them where it wants to go.
Together we form The Streets of Reno.

Set List

30 Minute Set List
1) Outlaw
2) Better Land
3) Love Me
4) Tropic
5) Toy Store
6) With Me
7) Takin it Back
8) Black Stare