The Streets On Fire

The Streets On Fire


The Streets On Fire brings that unfiltered, pure energy of a band you once saw in a dark basement. It personifies a retro-aesthetic with a modern twist. It's the fuzzed-out, lo-fi sound of a forgotten 70s vinyl from your dusty record collection.


With a growing loyal fan base and a reputation for keeping the dance floor moving, The Streets On Fire has been rocking Chicago venues the Metro, Double Door,Debonair, and Empty Bottle and was recently featured on WLUW’s Razor and Die
show as well as Chicago radio XRT and Q101.

Their debut EP, 2009's Hot Weekend, has gained rapid attention in the Chicago music scene.

Says Loud Loop Press, "Hot Weekend is nearly unclassifiable. . . The Streets On Fire pull no punches and offer the listener something new and yet nostalgic in its retro-playfulness. Hot Weekend is fast, furious and unabashedly twisted."

Windy City Rock called Hot Weekend a "lo-fi garage-dance-post punk hybrid that's down-and-dirty yet accessible in all the right places, brimming with energy and rock 'n' roll swagger."

Referring to themselves as more of a collective than a band, members bring a unique set of experiences and influences. Says lead singer Chadwick, "We like to pull from infinite sources, from CB radios, to the way girls danced in the 80s, to the way people walked in the 70s.” Humor, diverse roots and the quest for a good time define the group. "We all like to dance" says Chadwick.

"Like a fiery sermon given by Eli Sunday about the truths of Rock N Roll. Lead singer Chadwick passes around the plate and until you give it your all with him, he is going to burn this mother down." says Rock Sellout.

On July 20th, The Street On Fire present their first full-length album, This is Fancy. Recorded over the course of four days with the help of friends at Woohoo Studios, the band kept a foot in the past using analog recording gear and tracking to a 1” 8-track MCI tape machine. Mixed by Alex Gross at Chicago’s famed Studio
11 and with the mastering touch of Shellac’s Bob Weston, the result is a decadently tattered, high-energy sound with a retro-aesthetic appeal.

This Is Fancy promises to be the evolution of a new, brash and unclassifiable sound that can only be called The Streets On Fire.


Hot Weekend, 2009
This is Fancy, 2010 - 8 Weeks on CMJ Top 200