Quincy, Massachusetts, USA

Hard hitting, in your face, punk rock.



The immediacy of their music hits you like a prizefighter’s punch, leaving you breathless as one charging song crashes into the next. There is an energy in the music of The Stretchers that reminds one of the hedonistic glory days of that dank, dark, overcrowded, much missed New York club CBGBs, where punk music snarled its first savory breath. Sweat seems to not only leap out of the three-man band and rinse the audience in a garish sheen but it blows out of their instruments one ferocious chord at a time.

That explosive first chord that kicks off each track quickly gives way to a barked, seemingly angry lyric – and indeed some of the lyrics are politicized and finger pointing at whatever may be pissing them off. But there is also a wicked sense of humor if one listens carefully enough. One might argue that lyrics delivered at such a rapid-fire clip are impossible to decipher. But as Joe Strummer once said when such criticism was leveled at him and The Clash, “People say you can’t hear the words. But they’re fucking great, you know?”

Well, The Stretchers would have made Mr. Strummer very proud indeed. For even though this music will make you think, it will also knock you on your ass, make you laugh out loud and in the end make you believe in the ferocious energy and power of punk rock all over again.


Frankie Sin has played with such bands as Muck And The Mires and Thunderhog. His vocals are delivered with machine gun authority and his whip-snap guitar reminds one of a cross between The Ramones and The Kinks at their nastiest. The minute you hear Sin’s searing, intense yawp you know that something very wicked or very satirical is going on here. The fact that it’s both, and all wrapped up in the dynamism of a truly charismatic front man enlivens the true spirit of punk rock – simple but profound, angry but humorous… all sweat, grit and unadulterated fun.

Boston drummer Jimmy Foul has played in such lauded bands as NYC’S Public Nuisance and Virulent Strain. He announces his powerhouse presence immediately on The Stretchers debut with a controlled fury on the opening track Prozac Princess and never stops to take a breath. The breakneck speed of his playing belies his complete rhythmic control, which anchors the band on even the most propulsive tunes. Foul’s thundering brilliance will leave any air drummer exhausted after that very first track.

The towering bass player, who sometimes appears to be strangling the chords out of his guitar, has worked with several local bands but has finally found a proper home in The Stretchers for his galloping style. Along with Jimmy Foul, E-Wreck helps hold the manic energy together in one of the best rhythm sections you’ll ever hear. And his Beach Boy harmonies on the hilarious My Baby’s A Cyclops bring an unexpected bit of spice to The Stretchers sound.

So, if you’ve missed the exuberance, fun-loving spirit and energy of truly inspired punk rock music, put on The Stretchers, crank up the volume and piss off your neighbors. Better yet, invite them over and party until you drop.

Matthew Hurley


I Hate Technology

Written By: Frankie Sin

Wires wires in my head
Static eyesight black and red
Information from outer space
No return a forgotten race
I hate technology 2x
Calling from an easy past
Identity crisis coming fast
Conversations without words
When did we become cybernerds
(repeat chorus)
Whatever happened to drop a dime
Another place another time
The world will end with a row of zeros
Whose to blame the technology heros
(repeat chorus

Prozac Princess

Written By: Frankie Sin

Tripping on the cracks of Hollywood Blvd
Daddy’s little plaything and a washed up beauty queen
Sitting at the bus stop staring at the traffic lights
Your brain says go but your body never leaves the seat
She’s a prozac princess She’s a prozac princess 4x
Your life is a game and you’re dealt a lousy hand
Dropping names of the famous and the money that you never had
Fighting with the girls you dress in blue and red
You still reach for the stars but you’re never gonna get that ace
(repeat chorus)


The Stretchers LP