Jaunty, moonlit gypsy folk with 60's avante garde jazz flourishes, The Strip made a name for themselves honing their craft as buskers in Toronto's underground public transit system. Their musical range slides from lamp-down-low ballads to high energy romps delivered with a pentecostal fervour.


"Astoundlingly Beautiful." Mark Rheaume, CBC National Playlist Director, Host of Fresh Air

The Strip are a wonderfully quirky band who are attracting the attention their eclectic music so richly deserves. Offering
up the rarely paired alto sax with 5-string banjo, alongside sibling-esque harmonies, grit and grace, they are a band
who are rightfully making their mark on the roots circuit.
Born of the busker trade, these hard-working songsters have carefully plotted their course over the past five years:
releasing an enthusiastically-received debut, aptly titled, Stick To Your Guns, which speared them forward, ramping up
to a dizzying 100-show/year schedule. Also true to the band's name, the new disc 'Long gone Lonesome Lullabies' lays bare a stripped 'n' pure sound
that one would hear live on those long 'n' lonesome journeys.

The Strip ranked #1 on CIUT 89.5 (Canada's largest campus/community radio station!) in January 2009, and #9 on the National Earshot folk/roots charts.


On The Doctor

Written By: Darrin Davis

And We worked out a whole new system of Names/ in the circus it's the man with the whip who the lion tames/ everybody's rolling down plasticene hills/ everybody's popping them placebo pill/ but they know they're fake they take them anyway/ the jokes on the Doctor...


Stick To Your Guns,
11 track full length Album released January 2009

Long gone Lonesome Lullabies
7 Track Acoustic EP
released January 2010

Set List

Sets vary in length although THE STRIP have a large original repertoire (over 50 songs) and can play as long as needed while dropping in classic songs by such artists as Dylan, The Band, The Stones, The Faces, Bruce Cockburn, Neil Young and the Grateful Dead.

A typical set for the Strip is 45 minutes long.