The Strivers

The Strivers


The Strivers – Back from the European tour with Vampire Weekend. Tracks like Female Contact and Gimmegimmegimme clearly indicate why this trio is busy gigging around Europe and set to be a permanent feature on the Rock scene in the very near future.


THE STRIVERS the band itself was founded in summer 2003, at this point every member was able to prove previous band experience. Describing their sound in a classical music journalistic manner, you would call it a mix of the new British rock attitude, influenced by the punk stile and flavoured with energetic pop.

Their first 7-track-demo "dirty elegance" was the reason why THE STRIVERS were invited to the final of the international "project demo" in Germany as the only Swiss band. On the night they were not only in favour of the audience but also of the jury who rewarded them with the first price! Which leads to the next great chance to prove their capability, another two international gigs, one of them at the "Melt Festival" in Germany and the other one at the "Festival Internacional de Benicassim" in Spain.

�Nitro-Snowboards� selected three tracks from the brandnew EP �Once A Day Twice A Night� for their worldwide distributed promotionvideo!

2008 will bring THE STRIVERS to England, Germany, Switzerland and maybe to your hometown!!


"Twice A Night" EP 2007
"Dirty Elegance" EP 2004