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The Strut

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An intense, over-driven blend of hip-hop, punchy lyrics and funky riffs, The Strut defies all conventional notions of "genre" and leaves audiences with a new idea of what music can become.


It is not often that a dedicated group of individuals permanently alters the sonic landscape of their world. The Strut dared to do so. Armed with only their instruments and a dream, this Alabama-based quartet combined their native bluegrass with an uncompromising, truly raw urban hip-hop sound. The final product of this deviant musical chemistry?? Hip-grass - 23 grammy wins - 4 world tours (one of which was devoted to educating our youth.....explanation to follow) - and a tragic end. After being brutally murdered on October 3rd, 1996 in a manner which can only be described as "vicious" (New York Times), "satanic" (Rolling Stone), and " just plain ungodly" (Christian Science Monitor), The Strut was cast into obscurity, their music forgotten.


The Strut Tribute Band, managed by the lone survivor of this musical holocaust, Rap-o-Tron (Sir Tron, after being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1992), have resurrected the god-like tones of their slain comrades, and have embarked upon a mission to remind the citizens of Planet Earth what it means to GET DOWN.



Who Killed the Strut?

Topping U.S. and World Report's recent list of "Unsolvable Conspiracies" (n.b. - the assassination of J.F.K. was recently bumped to 2), many have questioned the motives behind this barbaric atrocity. Some have claimed that The Strut's demise is directly related to the release of "Mom's Basement", a previously undiscovered track whose lyrics bear remarkable resemblance to the late Tupac Shakur's "Thug Mansion." Did the Strut ghost-write for this iconic symbol of rap?? Did the Strut CREATE rap? Questions which may never be answered....

What the Hell is Rap-o-Tron?

Some may remember the devastating natural disaster that occurred in 1908 in the depths of the barren Siberian tundra. After a remarkably powerful asteroid impact, many citizens of neighboring villages began to notice strange, pulsing back beat rhythms emanating from the darkness in the early hours of the morning. Days later, what appeared to be an metal- clad human emerged from the darkness. His name : Rap-o-Tron. His mission: Education and Devastation. After provoking and spearheading several global conflicts (wikipedia World War I & II, The Great Depression, and the Cuban Missile Crisis), Rap-o-tron realized that destroying human life was not near as entertaining as managing urban music groups. Thus, he embarked upon a quest to discover an authentic, uncompromising hip-hop sound. He discovered The Strut in 1992.

Alex Smith
Hornet's Nest Productions


Rappers Today Vol.1
Released Dec. 19, 2009

-several tracks streaming on

Album available on iTunes,, Limewire beginning early February.

Set List

A Strut show is a complete stage experience. Foregoing typical notions of crowd to band interaction, The Strut creates a staged play which involves not only the performance of their original music, but a theatrical skit which develops an ongoing "plot" (developed throughout each CD production.) This includes 1 - 1.5 hours of music.

Depending on the length of a given show, additional prepared sets are added or removed to continually engage the audience.
A "basic set" would be structured as such:
1. Force of Nature
2. Optimist
3. Sex Ed.
4. Blues in the Key of Corporate
5. Cock Eyed
6. Lust to Dust
7. Down South
8. The Courtesy Molotov
9. Mom's Basement