The Strychnine Cowboys

The Strychnine Cowboys


The Strychnine Cowboys play the Monstrous Soul. Garage rock and roll. Not period correct retro fetishism, but wild, unfiltered, impulsive, loud, good times. It's punk rock from a world where "two guitar" bands didn't kill the keyboard.

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(I'm Gonna) Make You Mine

Written By: R. Unkovich/M. Hogan

I'm gonna make you mine
If you like it or not
I'm gonna make you mine
Cause I like you a lot
Wait right there
Now it won't take long
Oh wait right there now sugar
While I sing my song

I'm gonna take you home
Take you home tonight
I'm gonna take you to my house
Make you feel alright
I'm gonna get you alone
Yeah just me and you
I'm gonna get you alone now sugar
Show you what I can do

Did I forget to mention?
Perhaps you don't understand
It's my very intention
I gotta hold your hand
I gotta hold your hand
I gotta hold your hand
I gotta hold your hand

Head On Fire

Written By: R. Unkovich/m. Hogan

I'm 18 and my head's on fire
My mind is racing one thousand miles an hour
On the day I was born I got a head on my shoulders
And every day since then I got a little bit older
Now I'm a man I got confusion in my brain
I'm screaming help me, screaming help me
Screaming help I'm going insane
I got a head on fire

Now I got trouble, now I got worry
Mother says "boy you're going nowhere in a hurry"
From time to time maybe I think she's right
She thinks I'm crazy staying out all night
She took me to the doctor, doctor for my mind
And she says "doctor can you tell me, doctor can you tell me"
"Doctor can you tell me why?"
I got a head on fire

Now I just don't know what to do.
I need a little something, something just to get me through.
This head on fire's burning everybody around
It's driving me crazy can't cool it down
Girl you know I wanna love you yeah you know I do
But every time I try I just (screaming)
I got a head on fire