The Stubs

The Stubs


We are a Warsaw based rock'n'roll trio formed in 2010. We are calling our music "low budget rock'n'roll" That term is not missing the truth that much. We have already released "The Stubs LP" (2011, Antena Krzyku), "Kill Yourself EP" (2012, Instant Classic) and "Second Suicide LP" (2013, Instant Classic). We have played whole lot of shows in squats, toilettes, clubs and at the biggest festivals. We have recived a nomination to MTV EMA Award 2012.

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2011 - "The Stubs"CD - release Antena Krzyku
2012 - "Kill Yourself" 7' EP - release Instant Classic
2013 - "Second Suicide" LP/CD - release Instant Classic
2013 - "Golden Shower Of Hits" MC (discography compilation)

2012 - More Than Music CD - release Blindman Mellodies
2013 - After Six Festival Compilation LP