The Stugottz

The Stugottz


Bringing well over 100 people to help fill The 8x10 Club on their debut show, Baltimore-based band The Stugottz fuses funk, fusion, & many other types of music to deliver an intensely unique brand of funky, get-down rock and roll grooves and a hip-shaking good time!


In the fall of 2007 a fresh new incarnation of the local blues-rock band Stewbone was born. Coming off a strong debut at the 8x10, founding funk-brothers Scott Shimkaveg and Stu Lemley are proud to present The Stugottz! The transformation brings two new friends on board: Geoff Hoegberg adds a truly dynamic element to the crew on lead guitar, and Mark Ayers holds it all together with a lock tight drumming ability. With the right boys on the bus, The Stugottz has high aspirations and the motivations and solid sounds to support them--and will stop at nothing to secure a place in the great history of music. Drawing on influences from multi-dimensional sources such as Prince, David Byrne, Tom Waits, Led Zeppelin, Ween, and many others, The Stugottz comes equipped with smoking hot originals such as "Galaxy Girl" and "Perfect Body", as well as an extensive repertoire of covers, spanning fan favorites such as "Shakedown Street," "Kiss," and "Ramble On". With an expertise in non-stop rocking and audience bottom-shaking, The Stugottz will bring the party to you. Don't even worry about it.


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Set List

The Stugottz usually plays up to three hours of music in an evening, either in two 90-minute sets or three 60-minute sets, including, but definitely not limited to:

Originals: Juliet, Galaxy Girl, Miles to Go, Let's Play, Perfect Body, Shut Up and Dance, Mary, Disquito, the Insane Samurai, Nochecita, Maria, Soda for Breakfast, Hello Sunshine, She Cooks 4 Me, Go to Hell, Hush

Covers: Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead), Ramble On (Led Zeppelin), Kiss (Prince), Alphabet St (Prince), Bananas and Blow (Ween) Voodoo Lady (Ween), What's Going On (Marvin Gaye), Hope I Don't Fall in Love with You (Tom Waits), Ice Cream Man (Tom Waits), Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix), Miss You (Rolling Stones), Wild Nights (Van Morrison)

Depending on the venue and crowd, The Stugottz can easily manipulate the setlist to suit the mood. The need has yet to present itself, but just in case.