The Subclass

The Subclass

 Seattle, Washington, USA

The Subclass have been conquering the underground rock scene for the past ten years.

Great successes such as touring the US, headlining the National Theatre, as well as performing at the Van's Warped Tour are only the beginning.

With a fun-filled decade behind them they are focused on the future.


The Subclass performs a highly energetic, unique blend of modern alternative and classic rock.

With a backdrop of melody found on their two critically acclaimed records "For Love and War" and "The Subclass", their live show ignites the audience with a magical purity often presumed dead after the decline of the brilliant '70s punk movement. No one escapes the raw energy cocked and shot into the crowd at every performance.

If you haven't been to a Subclass show, you haven't lived.


These Nights

Written By: Jason Shimkoski

You keep it kinda classy with a sensitive smile
You're working hard to pay the rent and slow the green mile
You finally made a gamble on the ivory coast
You pray to god most every night to live with its ghost

These Nights
Keep bringing you down
You're looking for love on the wrong side of town
These Nights
Keep letting you down
You're spinning your words
Keep running round and round

You're keeping busy with the moment you met
and you're hoping that you'll never have to live with regret
These nights are growing harder but that's not your concern
You're worried that your lover will some day burn these nights

(You'll never be my lover)
No you'll never be my lover again

(Oo La la la)
Round and Round
Round and round

Whatcha Do?

Written By: Jason Shimkoski

Whatcha do with all your friends?
Whatcha do with all the insignificant?
Whatcha do to make amends?
Whatcha do to kill off all the innocent?

Run you can run
You've got to find a way to keep above the storm
This violent water takes your breathe
It's eating slowly at you
I can't see it
Falling down now
I'll call you out now
Find your hell

Hey! Where are you going with that gun?
Hey! Are you running to the pathway
that you never wanted to see?
I could learn. I could take you back to something you wanted to be
You could love. I could break you down and leave you hear with me

Whatcha do with all your time?
Whatcha do with all the broken alibis?
Whatcha do to hide the lies?
Whatcha do to kill all you have inside?


Rebel Outcry, 2005
Bring The Thunder, 2007
For Love And War, 2009
Whatcha Do?, 2010
Survivor, 2010
The Subclass, 2011
Multiplicity, 2013

The Subclass have been featured in numerous Internet Radio broadcasts and is available at all online distributors including iTunes, Amazon, Napster, eMusic, Lala, and more.

Set List

It's all about good vibes and a wonderful time. A gig isn't the idea. It's an experience that is pursued.