The Submariners

The Submariners

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

Eccentric, post-punk, rock & roll is the calling card of Brisbane based band The Submariners. Emerging in early 2010, they wasted no time for pleasantries, instead diving face first into the local underground music scene.

The Submariners’ have taken influence from the same grungy, hot & harsh environment that served incubator to some of Brisbane's biggest & most iconic sounds, and combined them with each member's personal taste to create a sound that is all together a truly refreshing earful.


The Submariners are: Nicholas Hew on guitar and lead vocals; Siena Hart on bass and backing vocals; and Leigh Hughes on drums.
Guided by each member's widely varied musical backgrounds and inspired by an adverse reaction to the Indie Rock bands that lavish the shores of the Brisbane music scene, their resolve was to simply make music with substance and sex appeal.
With Nicholas fronting the threesome, the songs convey a strong British post-punk feel, combining his wistful lyrics with smooth, controlled vocals and raunchy, erratic guitar riffs.
Siena brings her own influences to the table, with prominent bass lines and backing vocals ranging from badass riot girl to seductive 50's Rn'B songstress. Leigh's north-London upbringing shines through in his unique style of drumming which encompasses both his new-wave influences and his love of straight-up British rock.

The Submariners live set is rapidly gaining reputation as being an ever-evolving performance. Combining dark lyrical themes with have-to-move rock n' roll while still clearly having the time of their lives on stage, The Submariners live performance is one that demands attention.


Latest Release:
Don't Chase Her (EP)
Don’t Chase Her showcases the band’s talent for putting together songs, which, as diverse as they are, work in harmony with one another. Comprising of just three well-endowed tracks, the EP lures you in, shows you a good time and lets you down gently.

Radio Play:
Don't Chase Her (Single)
4ZZZ 102.2

Streaming Online:
Don't Chase Her
Sucker For Love
Loosing Myself (Live)

You Tube:
To Say I'm With You
Sucker For Love
Losing Myself
After Everything
What Does It Matter

Set List

When Love Goes Away

Don't Chase Her

To Say I'm With You

Teenage Diehard

What Does It Matter

Seduce Me

Sucker For Love

Losing Myself (Losing You)

Twisted Little Vegemite