The Suborbitals

The Suborbitals

 Monterey, California, USA

Dangling hooks in the deep green sea of melody, the Suborbitals catch shiny songs in the rhythmic cross-currents of weird and hip, pop and rock. Their undeniably original songs about death, sex, drugs, recovery and love are surpassed only by this Northern California band's unforgettable live shows.


“I wouldn’t think [The Suborbitals] ever get compared to anyone else. It’s a unique sound...and dark. It’s really wonderful.” — Sleepy John Sandidge, KPIG, 03/31/13
“Described as ‘a literary high,’ The Suborbitals decorate an incomparable rhythm section with wild flourishes of saxophone, insistent melodies and unshakable lyrics. A live performance by these true Northern California originals is not to be missed.” — The Monterey County Weekly


True Tales from the Tenderloin

Written By: Goatfish Johnson

Wasted on love we were far from wise
With that pixie dust in our eyes
Blind to the ghost's disguise
And bent on the honey

Come with me underground
Down these dark holes
Up these brass poles
Follow me...

Oh no! Our heads' in the clouds again
Deprived of all oxygen
Turning tables upon the girls
And going down on each other


Gorgeous, we're the Murder of Gonzago
We're hotter than O'Farrell
We are ready to fucking go
And devour each other


Darling, we'll handpick accessories
To worship you delicately
Deliver soliloquies
Straight to your pussy

Song of Solomon

Written By: Goatfish Johnson

Threescore queens virgins without number
Your king will go another night without slumber
Supplant your holy oils upon my sword
and lay down your body in service to the Lord

Fourscore concubines delivered by God
Spread yourself in reverence upon my cross
Receive the seed of the Second Messiah
The bed is an altar for my righteous desires.

Come for the father my illustrious queens
Love for the future, an immaculate breed
There is no sin, there is no shame
I’m God’s appointed lover, I am ordained

In the church of copulation where the deed is enlightened
Come to me my little ones, let’s not be frightened
Lay back, relax and whisper to me
Lay back, relax and whisper to me


Written By: Goatfish Johnson

When I was younger much younger than now
it was graveyards and candlewax vows
how I'd never be taken alive

Now that I've miraculously survived
the rites of my furious spring
I still cling to my arrows and slings

Easy, it's not easy, it's not easy to believe

Never is forever better beware
if you stare too long into the lair
then the beast, it will notice you're there

Where have my suicide lovers all gone?
Breaking bottles of red bravado
over quietly patient headstones

Easy, it's not easy, it's not easy to be- leave me now
leave me while you still can
to my crow and the worms in my wine.
So absurd, the things I once wished for in glorious vain
I was young and insane.

When I was younger much younger than now
it was graveyards and candlewax vows
how I'd never be taken alive


Blackout Rolling - Trixie Frog Records - 2006 - LP
Live in Monterey - Trixie Frog Records - 2006 - Live LP (only available on-line)

Set List

We've got a standard three-set show that consists of 90 percent originals. You can hear alot of this online and also download our studio tracks.

When we do play covers, we play Tom Waits, Duran Duran, David Bowie and whatever else tickles our fancy and fits the SubO sound.