The Subway Sun

The Subway Sun


Soulful underground rock n' roll from the East Village of New York.


Singer songwriter Mike Rimbaud writes and sings all the compositions. Influences:
Rolling Stones, Brazillian music, Lou Reed, Tom Waites, Hendrix.
"Lower East Side vet Mike Rimbaud took the name of his new band from a set of cute cartoon signs that reminded 50s commuters not to smoke or spit. But its that dingy, subterranean, through-the-grate kind of glow that informs his scruffy-voiced rock songs, invoking 70s Costello and Springsteen along with an improbable hint of Brazilthe Baiana guitar (a surfy-sounding electrified acoustic)." (Kamenetz) The Village Voice
"Mike Rimbaud, in basic black, wielded an electric guitar in songs that were terse, telegraphic and propelled by urgent strumming. Mr. Rimbaud has a rocker's rasp in his voice, and he knows how to get the most power out of verses with few words. His songs crackle with New York's nervy paranoia."
By JON PARELES The New York Times. Let's go underground... Youre in a tunnel and there's no escape. That screeching noise you hear is no train; it's music, rock and roll. You feel upside-down, going downtown, but don't look in to the light! It's coming at you, fast on a local line. You don't need a metro card, because you just hopped the turnstile. Try to understand the voice from those speakers, since this next stop has a new rhythm and the strangers sitting across from you might start looking good. Hold on straphanger, because this is the dawn of the SUBWAY SUN!


"Lower East Side Portrait" full CD 2006
"Grafitti Trees" CD
"Beast of Broadway" CD 2002
"Money Fever" single
"Deal With Love"
"Cheeks Up" single

Set List

Fashion Gangster
Searching for Yourself
Girl friend lost and found
One way tkt
Monkey fever
Dirty bomb
Deal With Love
Diva in a Dive Bar
Katrina and The Man
7-11 on 9-11
Follow your sidewalk
Girl Swimming in My brain