The Sudden Passion
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The Sudden Passion

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Folk Rock




"EP: “Successful Friends” by The Sudden Passion"

It’s always nice to come across something new and decent here in LA. The duo of Midwest natives, Shane Mongeau and Bradley Palermo, offer up a solid EP from the Sin City. “Walk of Shame” is a bit Steve Earle and the title track, “Successful Friends” is like a twangy throwback to the Kinks LA commentary, “Sitting in My Hotel.”

Standout Tracks: “Walk of Shame”

Sounds Like: American Analog Set meets Outlaw Country
- Turnstyled, Junkpiled

"The Sudden Passion "Central Standard Time""

Above is the video for "Herpes of the Heart" by The Sudden Passion. Curiously, I have no idea how I procured this little gem of a record, but I feel that it has something to do with my cavalier attitude towards the "stealing" of music online. Seems these indie-folk outlaws found a way to tack their record, "Central Standard Time" onto the the Black Keys "Brothers" album. Whether or not this is sanctioned by the Black keys is unknown at this time, however if I were the Black Keys, I would just go with it. The Sudden Passion, are...different; for lack of a better description, they sound like what They Might Be Giants, would sound like if they'd been weaned on a healthy diet of Exile on Mainstreet era Rolling Stones and outlaw country records. If you think that's a diss, you're totally in the wrong place. The songs seem heartfelt and I found myself snickering at first to the contrast of heartfelt songwriting with the litany of F-bombs used to describe emotion. Then, after a few spins I realized, there are no polite words to describe the feeling of the word "Fuck." Sometimes, maybe even in polite company, you gotta "Fuck." Despite, this realization, it does sound unnatural in the connotation, but all good art has to challenge the audience to follow it down the rabbit hole of the artists imagination. Once, I let go and went along for the ride, i felt like this was a well worn, scratched CD that had been a staple in the cars of good friends, during long nights, looking for some action and only finding good conversation, good tunes and cold beers. Yeah, I really, really like it.
- laughingdagger


Label: Black Hearts & Pink Parts Music
Released: Nov 1st, 2011
Copyright: 2011 Black Hearts & Pink Parts Music

Track Listing:
1. Successful Friends
2. Walk Of Shame
3. 1970's Love Songs
4. Wish I Had
5. Drinkin' In

Label: Black Hearts & Pink Parts Music
Released: Aug 3rd, 2010
Copyright: 2010 Black Hearts & Pink Parts Music

Track Listing:
1.Dart At the Map
2.Everybody Wants Somethin'
3.The Bottom Line
4.Always Lose
5.Herpes of the Heart
6.Recession Proof
7.Blue in the Face
8.Never Really There
9.Rail Whiske
10.Welcome Home

WORST SIDE: (select demos, outtakes, and live tracks 2005-2008)

Label: Black Hearts & Pink Parts Music
Released: Aug 3rd, 2010
Copyright: 2010 Black Hearts & Pink Parts Music

Track Listing:
1.Worst Side
2.Herpes of the Heart (Demo)
3.Blue In the Face (Demo)
4.Never Really There (Demo)
5.Everybody Wants Somethin' (Live in St. Louis, MO)
6.Still Alive (Early Femme Fatality Version Outtake)
7.Hey Friends (Electro Remix Outtake)
8.Welcome Home (Demo)
9.Herpes of the Heart (Live In St. Louis, MO)
10.Blue In the Face (Live In St. Louis, MO)



The Sudden Passion started off in 2005 as a collection Bradley M. Palermo's (of Electro group Femme Fatality) Indie/Alt-Country demo tracks. His most direct influences were drawn from both folk rock bands (ie. The Weakerthans, Clem Snide, Bright Eyes) and old time country acts (Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings). The content of his songs revolve around his tour adventures, love sagas, and tales of barroom brawls. While all the ditties were originally showcased as solo/acoustic, the project has since evolved into a full 5 piece band featuring Shane Mongeau (Midnight Dance Craze, Femme Fatality ) Matt Henderson (ex Still Life) on bass, on guitar, Andrew Roberts on drums, and Carly J on backing vocals.

"Central Standard Time", their first full length album, was released digitally and on CD in August 2010. It was recorded in in both St. Louis, MO (where Palermo is originally from) and Los Angeles, CA (where the band now resides). A collection of The Sudden Passion's demo's and live tracks, "Worst Side", were also released the same day.

"Sucessful Friends", the new 5 song EP, is set to be released on November 1st 2011. It was written, performed and recorded entirely by Mongeau and Palermo. A video for the title track was released on October 3, 2011.

The Sudden Passion is currently gearing up for a string of shows in the Midwest. Several shows in the Southern California region are planned as well. A second full length album is scheduled to be recorded in early 2012.