The Sugar Dames

The Sugar Dames


"The Sugar Dames are the new sound of alternative rock. Cinematic, sultry...delicious."


"We met at a sidewalk cafe. She was wearing a corset, I ordered a scotch. We started a band."

Nashville, Tennessee has long been a city revered for it's music, but
if you should ever wander into the outskirts of the city you might
encounter the unique and wonderful sounds of a seductive duo known as
The Sugar Dames. Amongst lonely antebellum homes, farm relics and
rolling hills the Dames have been hiding away--hard at work on their
first project. Jenn Palmer and Christina Elen are hardly your typical
musicians. Shying away from the bluster of the city's music scene,
they've preferred to privately concoct and perfect their haunting
musical compositions together.

Having both been solo acts for 5 years, Elen and Palmer's meeting seemed to be just a matter of fate. "We come from a long line of preachers, prophets,singers, sculptors, painters, and musicians," says Elen. "Though we're not related, our upbringings were remarkably similar. Tent revivals, traveling evangelists, inner city churches... all of these experiences led us to meeting, relating and having a deep musical connection."

Now having been a group for the past two years, The Sugar Dames deliver music that is a hybrid of the past and present, an all encompassing style. "We're influenced by anything and everything from the alternative genres to the classics, from Debussy and Tom Waits to old black gospel and Etta James." says Palmer. "We like to go the unexpected direction, but keep it applicable to the current (and future) music movement."

It's evident by the taxidermy, antique carnival posters and strange
medical equipment that adorn their studio that there is a fascination
with the darker side of life. Elen laughs when asked why The Dames
are drawn to such morose stories and subject matter in their music.
"Of course. We both grew up in the church. Scripture is full of dark
and glorious stories of life and death. Palmer adds, "But there is
also a therapeutic quality involved in expressing horrific situations
through art. We have both experienced a great deal of gloom and
gladness. That is life."

The Sugar Dames songs reflect heavily on times of grief, of heartsickness
and of loss; the perfect potion to musical expression. Recording since late 2007, their music features Jenn Palmer and Christina Elen's musical prowess in all areas of its production. Their sound is both dreamy and
powerful--evoking ghosts from the past and drawing upon an original
take on the future. It is both familiar and mysterious�a new musical
force to be savored and reckoned with.



Written By: Jenn Palmer/Christina Elen Kartsonakis

Hide me baby, beneath the river,
from the monsters inside my head.
But it's too late,
'cause we're not alone now,
the demons have come 'round,
they're calling for me.

Tonight I'll dress it up for you.
To hide the misery of me and you.

I was only gonna leave you lonely.
And I was only gonna break you down.
How many times must I tell you...
This wound's not deep enough for two.

Here we are, gathered to remember,
as if together,
could take away the pain.
It's been a long road,
left our hearts on grave stones.
Ashes of our bones,
got buried on the way.

So tonight I'll dress it up for you.
There's nothing left of me
to give to you.

I was only gonna leave you lonely.
And I was only gonna break you down,
you down.
How many times must I tell you,
that this wound's not deep enough for two...
So baby no there's just not room here for you.

(Repeat Outro Chorus)


The Sugar Dames debut album "Sirens Of The Broken Heart" available on iTunes,, Rhapsody, Napster, emusic.

Set List

Sets may run between an hour to an hour and a half...

1. Holy Ghost
2. Come Alive
3. Bang Bang
4. Wound
5. Grey Fedora
6. Out Of The Frame
7. She Wore Red
8. Run
9. The Waiting room
10. Enough For You
11 .Greatest Show On Earth