The Sugar Honey Iced Tea

The Sugar Honey Iced Tea

 Providence, Rhode Island, USA

cello, banjo, ukelele, banjolele, mandolin, concertina, kickdrum/drumasaur, kazoo, and tamborines (yes, plural) with 4 part harmonies

We have been described as female Fleet Foxes, female Beach Boys, and walking in grass with no shoes.

Also, Barbershop Folk

We use the term Folk Do-Wop.


The Sugar Honey Iced Tea began their journey one sparkling Providence night in September 2010, when the four young women were watching their friends Last Good Tooth play at a bar downtown. Half jokingly, one of them said since each girl played an instrument, they might as well all hang out and bring the instruments along.

The first few "practices" consisted mainly of drinking wine, eating cupcakes, and writing unnecessary back story to their song "Giacomo," without really making any progress on the song itself.

But, by the time they finally played through the song once, they all felt something in their hearts they have never felt before. They were stunned, and have been writing and playing together ever since.

Kate Jones likes gnomes, is a part- time amateur puppeteer, and plays the ukulele and a banjolele named Waverly. She can also beatbox.

Laila Aukee plays ukulele and can hula hoop at the same time. She likes Elvis, cinnamon gum, and the color yellow. She also plays in the band The Silks.

Ana Mallozzi collects sunglasses. She adores the Avett Brothers. She plans to move to Wales and own a goat farm later in life. She plays the banjo, cello, and a kickdrum called the Drumasaur.

Emily Shaw plays mandolin. Her favorite spice girl is Scary Spice. She also fell asleep while co-piloting a plane when she was six.

Their favorite food collectively is chickpeas.


The Sugar Honey Iced Tea "Hits The Fan EP"
Release Date- July 22nd