The Sugar People

The Sugar People

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

Fresh, funky, emotional grooves: Meet The Sugar People, a music-making machine that churns out clean, A-list songs with distinct personalities. United by uncompromising standards and unparalleled heart, The Sugar People drop the floor on reality for a journey through rich songs marked by surprise emotional twists. This is not your average music. The Sugar People have staying power. Combining honest rock hooks with break-beat R&B, The Sugar People engage listeners in a conversation of smooth, mel


Recent press

“The Sugar People has just unveiled a self-titled, self-released debut, an enticing slice of funk, rock and soul. Led by Jacobe Stamper and Jeff Wenzel, The Sugar People utilizes chilled-out beats and ambient textures that conjure up trip-hoppers Massive Attack and R&B great Sly Stone.”
--DETROIT FREE PRESS, Martin Bandyke

“In terms of major league success, The Sugar People’s potential is boundless.”
--THE METRO TIMES, Brett Callwood

“The Sugar People craft dreamy soundscapes where you can shrug off the day’s worries and lose yourself in the better parts of your mind. But, it seems to be the live shows that have got everyone talking, audio/visual experiences that transcend the bore of classic, typical performance, instead building and interactive atmosphere of sights, sounds and pure bliss."

"The Sugar People play a slickly produced, highly polished kind of pop music that draws heavily from dance club beats and after-hours lounge vibes with lyrics that aren’t afraid to be sexy or overtly sincere."


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