The Sugar Prophets

The Sugar Prophets

 Champaign, Illinois, USA

Starting with a solid foundation of the Blues, The Sugar Prophets' music also envelopes, blends, and embraces other genres, such as, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Funk, Country, Gospel, Soul, and a little tinge of Cajun, creating a new sound that may be familiar to some, but in the end, unique to all.


2011 International Blues Challenge Finalist, The Sugar Prophets, are an interesting amalgam of backgrounds and talent that have seemingly merged together in the right time, place, and groove. Fiery singer and harp ace Josh Spence combine with veteran guitar slingers A.J “Apple Jack” Williams and Joe Asselin(formerly of the Kilborn Alley Blues Band), along with a groovin’ rhythm section of Kevin Wilson and Aaron "A-Train" WIlson to create their own sweet sound of the Blues!

The Sugar Prophets' debut CD, released Jan. 2011, hit #14 and #21 on the Roots Music Reports Blues Radio Charts and Living Blues Charts, respectively. The band's raw, intense energy and blue collar lyrics are both danceable and deep. Their eponymous release was nominated for a 2012 Blues Blast Award in the category of Best New Artist Debut Recording. With their long-standing talent, passion, relatable lyrics, and a sound chock full of groove and grit, TSP continues to garner new fans and devoted followers wherever they play. Listen and become a believer in this heartfelt message of amazing music.


01/2011 - The Sugar Prophets - The Sugar Prophets - Just One Teaspoon Records

Set List

Typical sets run 1 hour 15 mins. We usually play 3 sets a night, but sometimes opt for 2 90 minute sets depending on the Venue's preference.