The Sugar Report

The Sugar Report


The best that NYC has to offer. Dark, beautiful, and complex. Just how it should be.


The Sugar Report has been heralded as the new blood of New York City, and their penchant for crafting dark and brooding, yet explosive and hip shaking songs have given them entree to perform at some of the cities most famous (and infamous) clubs. The band - comprised of Curtis Williams: Vocals/Guitar, Alexander Chow: Bass, Joe Zdaa: Drums, Eric Stephenson: Keys/Backing Vocals, and Terence David: Guitars - have been paying their dues slumming the Lower East Side for any show they could get their hooks in to polish and refine their already incendiary live performance. From Pianos to The Annex, to Sin-e and Crash Mansion, all of their hard work had not gone unnoticed, paving the way to securing gigs at Hiro Ballroom, the legendary (and now defunct) CBGBs, and the equally legendary Bowery Ballroom.

The music: A post-punk Coldplay or what Psychopedia's Jennifer McMenamin describes as Drop-dead sonics that make you feel the Edge from U2 already came back for a second reincarnation are descriptions that the band sit well with. The first three song demo/ep was recorded by Guy Benny of The Space Studios, whose roster includes Interpol, White Light Motorcade, The Rapture, and Locksley. Fans immediately embraced the delay laden guitars, catchy bass hooks and Curtis' swooning voice, confessing to adopt songs such as "A&B Conversation" and "I'm Sorry You Love Me" into their Friday night pre-party rituals. The band quickly became aware that not only were they creating songs to tap your feet to, they were becoming the soundtrack to people's lives. Curtis reminisces; After our debut EP was released we began to hear that people would shower and put their make up on to our music before heading out to the clubs. And what's more, some kids were actually dubbing our songs over their favorite video games and skateboard video parts!" Flattered and gracious, the band surmised that from kids in Alaska skateboarding to their music, to hipsters in the Lower East Side giving their nod of approval, they had struck across a rarity in rock music, the potential to achieve mass market appeal while still obtaining street credibility.

Their initial suspicions have been confirmed time and time again. From performing on the KEXP stage at CMJ, invitations to play at SXSW, and countless requests to perform across the U.S., Mexico, South America, Europe, and Japan it is apparent that everybody seems to want a piece of them. So far they've had the chance to share the stage with Calla, The Secret Machines, VHS or Beta, Elefant, The Bravery, Diamond Nights, and Many More.

Highly prolific, The Sugar Report are constantly writing and recording new material with (ex White Light Motorcade guitarist, turned major label-hired gun producer) Mark Lewis, to whet the appetite of their ever increasing fan base, and to keep their own momentum and progression flowing forward. For the remainder of 2007, the band continues to remain prolific and increase their fan base by expanding their repertoire, recording their debut full length, and touring nationally.

"Opening for Calla at the Bowery Ballroom, I had the chance to check out these black-clad members of the ever-growing post-punk army. Their sound live is as tight as on record and impeccably rehearsed, and their music invokes early Killers, The Bravery, and Interpol – but overflows with a bouncy bravado that keeps them on the bright end of the spectrum and away from goth-post-punk territory. “Via LAX” stood out most that evening- surely a radio ready single if I’ve ever heard one. The melody has stuck with me for weeks."
- Kristen Sollee/The Big Takeover

"The Sugar Report inhabit similar shadowy sonic territory as the Editors and Interpol-and that's never a bad thing."
- Nylon Magazine

"The Sugar Report, a four piece from the Lower East Side, creates dark tunes that carry enough kick to make them danceable. Fans of Interpol will instantly dig TSR's edgy, delay-laden guitars and catchy bass hooks." -

"Providing a smooth, hazy backdrop sound in step with the Lower East Side, New York City's latest, The Sugar Report, have made a name for themselves here this past year. The bands sound creates a mood whose style subtly creeps into your consciousness, then hit you soon after, like a steady stream of mixed drinks. Curtis Williams' lyric it's dark and lonely, would you like some company?"would be the perfect slogan for a downtown billboard on Ludlow St. Most partygoers go out hoping to meet their match made in heaven and end up stumbling home alone instead. Wasted and without a shoulder to cry on, they throw on The Sugar Report while the room is still spinning and remind themselves, welcome to the big city." -Musicmart Magazine

"Their sound isn't as angular as Interpol, but has more of a dancier beat similiar to VHS or Beta. Definitely worth checkin' out if you dig the whole post-punk or as now some would classify, the neo post-punk genre." - Auto Deficit Disorder

"New Yo


Self Released EP.(2007)

Set List

Long Hard Nights
For My Sanity Alone
Man I Used to Be
Light At The End

all original, all awesome!