The Suicide Denial

The Suicide Denial

 New York, New York, USA

Unrivaled vocals, absolute instrumental perfection, & soulful lyrics flawlessly meld together & instantly put you in a place where you are begging for more. The love child of acoustic pop & jazzy blues, Ryan takes listeners of all genres on an artistic journey with sheer musical talent.


Electronica Rock band "The Suicide Denial" allows fans and onlookers into the deepest parts of their twisted lives as they grapple and fight their way through a corrupt music industry in order to spread the message of revolution!

At one point and time in the world of independent music there was an award-winning indie band named Korben. A guy, a girl, and a newly acquired drummer that nobody got to know, because shortly after, the band broke up. The brain behind Korben was lead guitarist Chad Gerber, who wasn't about to stop creating music on behalf of the minor set back of no band. Having experience working with members of Guns N Roses, Aloe Blacc, ill Harmonics, writing and producing for major and independent record labels, countless performances and tours throughout the U.S., on live radio, television, and A Prairie Home Companion, Chad Gerber knew exactly who he needed in order to begin a musical revolution.

He contacted fellow Korben alumni, and Montana State University music major Chad McKinsey aka "2012", about a project he was working on. The project would come to be known as The Suicide Denial. A cross mix of experimental rock, electronica, and classical music, met with live performance intensity only Chad Gerber could bring as front-man of the group.

With extensive experimentation, and genetic altercations, The Suicide Denial began to change the world. 2012s unmatched percussion capabilities, in conjunction with his musical education and background, gave The Suicide Denial the needed push to send it from "Rock Band", to "Hybrid Super Rock Band". Not long after, the word was out on the duo, the people rejoiced, and Divulge Records signed them on special terms to give their music away for free. Chad Gerber and 2012 request only one thing from their fans in exchange for free music forever, and that is to "Spread Denial".

Their once secret revolution is now out and the people are ready. Anywhere industry corruption cannot survive, their album is free. Soon their revolution will be free in stores across the country, then the world. So either wait for music to be completely swallowed by corruption, or join the revolution and Spread Denial!


I'm Sorry LA - album

RadioRNR Compilation CD

Dig This Real Issue #14 - Compilation CD

Set List

All shows are 100 percent original and average around two hours. Songs performed correlate with the 'groove' that each guy is feeling that day. However, fans will almost always hear them squeeze in the following during the set:

I'm Sorry LA
Stitch A Wound
Spit Of Land
Phone Number
Chalky Eyes
Only A Game
Fat America
Red Rabbit