the Suicide Pilots

the Suicide Pilots


Live show like breaking steel and smashing glass. Anarchist punk rock from Ottawa a la Propagandhi, the Subhumans, Social D. Influences range from 1950s Blues and Rock n’ Roll to early ‘70s Garage Rock, late‘70s NYC and UK Punk, to 1980s American Hardcore.


The Suicide Pilots are an Ottawa-based punk band with influences that range from 1950s Blues and Rock n’ Roll to early ‘70s Garage Rock, late‘70s NYC and UK Punk, to 1980s American Hardcore. Band members include vocalist Nacl, drummer Bones, bassist Wib, and guitarist Peter Pants. As veterans of the Ottawa punk rock scene, the Suicide Pilots are pillars of the Ottawa underground, frequently playing basement shows or fundraising events for local anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian organisations. They have also played gigs with punk legends like the Subhumans UK and The Queers. Suicide Pilots shows are described as energetic, loud, and provocative – the band is known for its outspoken political messages and involvement with revolutionary politics. The band members are organisers within Ottawa's radical circles. Recently their drummer Bones captured headlines across Canada after his high-profile arrest for allegedly leaking secret government documents. Standing accused of being an “anarcho-bureaucrat” Bones, a part-time temporary worker, replied with a scathing indictment of the Harper Regime's environmental record. The national media, however, focused largely on the imagery of the band and their political messaging, including the lyrics to a local hit single, Harper Youth. The Suicide Pilots logo – a caricature of a plane flying into the parliament buildings - has also attracted controversy and has been the subject of heated debate in the national media, Ottawa, and the blogosphere. In December of 2007, the Suicide Pilots entered the studio with Ottawa-based recording engineer Dean Watson, in order to complete their first full-length album, titled “The War On Satire”. With the album dueout in March, and a Canadian tour in the works for late May, 2008 is shaping up to be the Suicide Pilots’ busiest year yet.


Harper Youth

Written By: SP

I saw them marching on the streets tonight
Another sign of the rise of the right
It ain't horror, man - it's all truth
This a story of the Harper Youth

Give me your fear, give me your hate, give me your intolerance
And we'll give you a place in the Harper Youth
Dress you up and dumb you down; repeat the doctrine 'till it's sound
We'll make you seem a little less uncouth
Old-world bigots, they never die: they're just made over with the times
And now, the time - the time is right
You joined the crew with the facist views - you know, we laid our eggs
Now you'll march with the young conservatives

I saw them marching on the streets tonight....

With dawning horror, I drew the curtains back
I looked out on the streets and I saw the hordes
Well-dressed economicists
'Bout our world, they don't give a piss
They'd bottle it up and sell it south
You thought I was being banal
When I evoked the Grand Canal
But Harper's here to see it through
And it sets the tone
'Cause you know we won't go it alone
We'll march in lockstep with the States

We follow a fat man made of wax
Whose only express goal is tax cuts for the rich
And fuck the poor
Harper wants you on your knees, feed him babies
Clearcut the trees
And paint your wagon with a splash of Tory blue.

I saw them marching on the streets tonight.

Hand to Mouth

Written By: SP

White Lines sear past my eyes / Pavement stretches out / Pot holes, lost souls / Indebted to abuse / Tow the line – do your time / They’ll tell you nothing’s free / But you spin through their lies / And muse / Blessed with but a half-life in this village of the damned //

Living hand to mouth, living hard with so little – but you, you know there’s still room left to fall / A cautionary tale spun off of the backs of the working poor, Your life for the status quo //

Just enough grease to turn the wheel slowly/ Just enough weight to hold you down / Just enough fear to run you forward looking back / Don’t ignore the lines you find in the sand / The man, the man, the man – it’s who we’re gunning for / Let’s have a cry for those that bleed / Bled to a drop to oil the pistons / Sustain the beast beyond their means //

Life will grind you down

Last to Wake

Written By: SP

Now your time is nigh / Sit back and watch the / World around you die / Just one more hour at a time / Is running out for us / Time to stand and be counted / We are fighting for a change / In our hearts our our worlds our brains / To end this world we can’t sustain /
Give up the old ways of waste and pain / Fuck you, you’ve woken up too late / Shut up and get your hands dirty / Before we resign ourselves to fate /
One last hurrah //

She had traveled south / Passed beyond the gate / Heedless of these waystones of dying race / Grim obelisks of stone / Like spurs of shattered bone / Rupture through the canopy of all we know //

You sold it all, you slippery eel / Sacrificed awareness for an easier ride / Now time is what you got / In spades, but never yours / Well spent squandered on this life that never was / With this crude salve you remedy / Don’t know how it happened at all / Wars for oil and acidic seas / You let business do as they please / Last to wake and now you pay the / Price was never right / Cost was never true / Voices of the millions never got through to you / Blinded by a thousand lights / You claimed an epoch’s end in sight / Yet still you clung on blindly to that devil that you knew //

In our lives we’ve built / Glass houses with no end / Fragile, futile lies to house an empire with no end / This act comes to a close / Immortality eludes / Bound by concrete tombs
And all we feared / To lose.


The War on Satire - CD - 2008
Turn Off That Fucking Demo - EP - 2007

Set List

14 songs, 35 minutes. No covers, no problems.