The Suicycles

The Suicycles

 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


After years of prolific song writing, producer Camden Chamberlain disbanded Cavedoll in favor of starting a new project. As a sound engineer and the owner of Kitefishing Studios, Chamberlain has dabbled with many genres—including pop, rock, electro, and hip-hop—that he incorporates to create something truly unique with the Suicycles.

The band started in late 2010 and was originally composed of Chamberlain and Cavedoll drummer Van Christensen (the Vanimal.) From there Robert Roake (Black Rob), formerly of Sex on the Run and Fight Safe, joined the group to fill the lead guitar position. After a few shows and a season of their webisode, Life of a Suicycle, roommates and lovebirds Chris Cole (Creedo) and Kellie Penman (Kellazor Von Gorelust) were welcomed into the band on bass and keyboards. Their initiation into the band was featured on the season finale.

After firmly cementing the lineup, the band started formally playing gigs around Salt Lake and writing songs collaboratively. When in Cavedoll, front man Chamberlain did most of the composing; in contrast, each Suicycle band member contributes and everything released?including all music, videos and podcasts?is self produced. This collaborative process has enabled the Suicycles to compose and release two EPs, Four Psychotic Car Rides and Experiments in Being Awake, within a few weeks of each other.

Each EP is a testament to the band's ability to compose catchy lyrics and memorable melodies like singles “SL,UT” and “Speaking in Tongues,” which won X96’s "Xposed" five nights in a row. X96’s music director Corey O’Brien has said of the song and the Suicycle's music, “Speaking in Tongues' is a no brainer for me. With the right breaks, a song like this is the root of a band that could be as big in the 2010s as The Killers were in the 2000s. It deserves your attention."

Even though the band has only been together for less than a year, it has already reached several musical milestones: The Suicycles played the main stages at Utah’s Gay Pride and Art Festivals, recruited over 1,000 fans on Facebook in just six months, and scored their own radio show on, Waiting for the Rapture with the Suicycles. However, their crowning achievement is the release of their first full-length album, titled Sex, Drugs and Death. It was well received by indie fans and local publications alike. City Weekly’s Gavin Sheehan said, “Seductively dirty at first glance, the album pulls you in with its own brand of alternative electronica and modern glam. Every track has it's own personality, like a walk down the Red Light District, a different dance on various tapestries. Lyrically treading a very thin line between obscene and obsessive, Sex, Drugs and Death begs you to make it your secret favorite album. Just once is not enough." Pick up your own copy and don't be scared to delve into the deep, lyrical, and irreverent analysis of Salt Lake subculture that is the Suicycle's latest album, Sex,Drugs and Death available at every show, iTunes, and all major music sites.

-Julianna Clay, Salt Lake City Weekly and Slug Magazine writer.

(Personal Bios)

Camden Chamberlain

Camden Ray Chamberlain, owner of Kitefishing Studio in Salt Lake City, UT has been honing his songwriting/engineering/producing skills for the past 15 years. Embracing the DIY approach from early on in life Camden has self-released 30+ albums with his various projects including Cavedoll, Mushman (with actors Patrick Fugit & David Fetzer), EIBA, Deliccato, and his latest The Suicycles. Specializing in catchy yet edgey Pop and Rock, he also produces a great deal of other genres including Hip Hop, Ambient, Electro, Ethno, and Experimental. Over the years he has toured with various bands, achieved success on the CMJ college radio charts, and has shared the stage with such bands as Devotchka, The Faint, Soul Coughing, Fishbone, She Wants Revenge, Neon Trees, and many more. As an engineer/producer he has worked with such artists as Mark Kendall from Great White, Nellie McKay, Cache Tolman from Rival Schools, and more. His on screen composing/performing credits include 'The Today Show', 'America's Next Top Model', 'Real World', 'Paris Hilton's Next BFF', 'Denise Richards: It's Complicated', 'How Do I Look', 'Stager Invasion', 'NYC Prep', 'Clean House', 'Factory Made', 'Dog Whisperer', 'Platinum Weddings', 'Million Dollar Decorators', and 'Jessica Simpson's The Price Of Beauty'. His music has also been performed by the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and used in Pandora Radio ads.

Van Christensen (The Vanimal )

Van Christensen has been playing drums since he came out of the womb. Throughout his young life Christensen participated in various jaz and concert bands. By age 15 he joined his first rock n’ roll band and began the transformation to the drum machine we now know as the Vanimal. A few years later he started playing professional gigs with various different projects and bands---including Chamberlain’s Ca


Speaking In Tounges

Written By: The Suicycles

Take a hit, take as big as you like
It goes down easy when you don't know what's inside
I need a break, so will you break me in two
I'm a functioning mess always, biting off more than I can chew

Sometimes you feel like you don't have a choice
Speaking in tongues, or with someone else's voice

every night, you're pouring salt on the wound
waiting for the maggots to come romance you with their tune
morning comes, and depression kicking in
the come downs keep getting lower, nowhere left to spin

Sometimes you feel like you don't have a choice
Speaking in tongues, or with someone else's voice

Why do we play such bloody games?
With such bloody outcomes, with such bloody outcomes

Turn Back The Clock

Written By: The Suicycles

You were so close yet so far away
and I ran out of words, begging you to stay
once taken, never to return
now watching from afar, you in his arms

…and I wish I could turn back the clock
but my hands and these hands have broken right off
and I wish I could turn back the clock
but I can't, no I can't

I still dream of you in my bed
the echoes of you still run through my head
when I close my eyes you're always there
I've tried to fill this hole, but no one compares

elemental self destruction
I can teach you a fine lesson

Inside your shell, under your skin
wasted the seconds to stop then begin

New Manifesto

Written By: The Suicycles

I will revoke
this manifesto
change can't come soon enough
the new manifesto

I wish I could feel something

last call to arms
it fell flat on dead ears
spine tap, loose change
see you in the leap year

Something, give me something
a bloody anything

I'll cut you up beyond reason
believe in me, you'll hang for treason

pig heart, a slit wrist
a foot inside the fire
brainwash the new cell
start a new empire

safe word, not safe
the teeth will keep the finger
backhanded like a pimp
but no charm to linger

The Hills

Written By: The Suicycles

I wanna tell ya little story
bout a boy named john
he had wings for teeth yea
and fangs for arms
no mother could love him
and daddy's on the run
took a job in the underground
Stayed down there too long

Take off for the hills yeah
Daddy aint comin' home
Your new life's in the hills yeah
Ya better take that money and run

born again as a disciple
praying at the foot of greed
paranoia suckin' his life vein
on dead roads he's the lead
how deep lies the ruin
before there's no escape
there's one chance left for him yea
Better take that money and get him gone

What are you gonna do, when it all catches up with you


Written By: The Suicycles

All you see in me is another pretty face yea
All you see in me is another pretty face yea
All you see in me is another pretty face yea,
I'm not your pretty face, I'm not your pretty face

F U C and K me, that big truck that you drive makes me so horny, I said
F U C and K me, I wanna get down on my knees for you baby

S L U T, I'm just another slut in your slut army

F U C and K me, just buy me coupla drinks, I'm a guaranteed lay
F U C and K me, umm, thank you for the car now please go away

F U C and K me, I'll be your piece of meat if you only pay me
F U C and K me, I'm just a little girl, why don't you fucking rape me

Vacation From The Sun

Written By: The Suicycles

Seven butterflies
flew my around my head
seven butterflies
I'm wishing they were dead

I need a vacation
a vacation
from the sun

Flowers all a bloom
colors everywhere
flowers all a bloom
My head's in disrepair

everywhere I look
clothes are peelin' off
everywhere I look
my stomach wants to pop

Smiling Like A Junkie

Written By: The Suicycles

sky is burning down
far as the eye can see
mainframe's compromised
bombs locked on you and me
virus taking hold
flesh rots and spirits die
head out for the hills
few places left to hide

abortifacient pharmacies relinquishing function
thank you very much for your overconsumption
fornicators instigate zymotic repulsion
liquor me up on the verge of destruction

Smiling like a junky, waiting for the rapture
It's time to say goodbye my love, my love
Smiling like a junky, waiting for the rapture
It's time to say goodbye

RFID chips
integrating, taking hold
cut that fucker out
if you don't wanna be controlled
earth is bleeding through
stylostome malfunctioning
no one left to sue
grab a gun and start shooting

psychotropic contraband immersing the system
all the toxic filth you made molesting your vision
rotting corpses rising up and eating your children
bet you wish that you had been a much better christian

Never Coming Back

Goodbye, Goodbye

Set List

The following is a typical set list for The Suicycles. Average set time is 45-50 minutes:

Speaking In Tongues
Love Or Surgery
Turn Back The Clock
Burn Count
Makes My Head Feel Like It's Bleeding (SEGUE)
New Manifesto
The Sin Of Sleep
The Hills
Vacation From The Sun
Western Highway
Sour Times (Portishead Cover)
20 Hour Straight Stretch (SEGUE)
Question Mark
Smiling Like a Junky