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"Review Of South Bend"

SOUTH BEND is the name of the new CD from Indiana's Sulentic Brothers Band. This serious kick's ass. Simon Gausden of Powerplay Magazine has described this as the best new Southern Rock album he's heard for years. When we managed to locate this we were amazed to discover just how long the band had been going and the fact that they had two previous albums out. Fortunately for us we have now managed to obtain a special Limited edition version of South Bend (just for you!) and the band have specially commissioned a limited re-pressing of the first two albums. We are SO impressed with this band we'll defy anyone to say they don't like 'em. - Steve Prise Of

"The Sulentic Brothers Review"

Many bands impress me when I see them, and SBB is no different. They impressed me for three reasons. First, their music is top notch! The songwriting, musical talent, and professional production quality are first rate! The main style of their music is Southern Rock, and they are proud of that fact! They have played on the same bill with Monsters of Southern Rock (38 Special, The Marshall Tucker Band) as well as Monsters of Classic Rock (Steppenwolf, Foghat, Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, Fleetwood Mac)! They have also played twice for the Freebird Foundation Picnic in Jacksonville, FL and pay tribute to the Kings of Southern Rock at every gig by playing “Free Bird”. These guys are the real deal! Every original tune sounds incredible; in fact, you’d swear that you had heard their music on the radio before! The music does not take a back seat to any band’s music! When you listen, you don’t hear “Old School”; you hear a musical style that is fresh and exciting. Fans of all genres will find something about this ROCK band that they like!
I think the music sounds so good because these guys all have music running in their veins! Go to their website and read each individual member’s bio – each member has been playing all of his life, and they all live to play music! Tom and Dave Sulentic learned to play early on, influenced by *their father with a love and appreciation for music; Mike May began at age 13 and taught himself to play the guitar; in fact, he learned it upside down, so that when someone showed him the “right” way, it was best for him to play upside down! It hasn’t affected his abilities! He plays like a pro! Jim Robinson began at age 11, Cliff Schooler was introduced to the piano in his childhood, and Dave Lynch began at age 5! Truly, I think that this love of music is what keeps them from falling prey to mediocrity. I really get a sense from every member that the music is the most important thing to them, and the thing that helps them to stay true to themselves, and to the band.

The third thing about this band that impresses me is their dedication and desire to make SBB work full time! Again, read each member’s bio and you will see not only their love for music, but a love for The Sulentic Brothers Band! These guys have built a strong local following in Northern Indiana, and have fans all over the world! Playing bike rallies has also helped them to build a reputation and a following among fans from all parts of the country. They have worked hard to network with other heavy hitters in the Southern Rock world, and have even been offered opportunities to tour in Europe! They work hard, and dedicate themselves to the band, always aware that the next Big Break could be right around the corner. This is a band that is preparing themselves for that day!
In a world where many might say there is no room on an FM dial for SBB, these guys slug it out, and prove time after time that their music stands on its own. This month, they’ll be releasing their 3rd CD of original music. I’m extremely anxious to hear it, and I would recommend that you pick up your copy as soon as it is available! You won’t be disappointed! - Midwest Bands

"South Bend Review"

The Sulentic Brothers Band CD 'South Bend' should definitely come with a warning label that reads: "Listening to this CD may result in a lifetime need for The Sulentic Brothers Band Music, beware habit forming....."
I had been told by others that the Sulentic Brothers Band was some real southern rock kickers, so I was not prepared for what I was about to hear.

First off the group of spectacular musicians has the strongest driving force behind the music I have ever heard. This force is to be reckoned with and folks this is 200% all American Southern Rock n Roll. Southern Rock has for a long time taken a back burner in the rock music world - but I'm here to tell you that Sulentic Brothers Band is going to blow the bottom right out of the music industry with this cd. We are overdue for some HOT KICKIN' SOUTHERN ROCK like the Sulentic Brothers Band has to give in their 'South Bend CD', this CD shows what this band has in their souls to give to all of us their listeners.

Vocals have strong sustaining sounds, the vocals alone can touch your heart and soul, then throw in the lyrics and you are being ripped away. Awesome! Nothing like it........The Rhythm Section has a tremendous driving force.....the guitar axe-tion possesses a screamin' force with turbo speed, and no one gets in the way of the other musicians. The musicianship is outstanding and superbly illustrated in each and every song.......

South Bend starts off with a bit of acoustic/plugged sounds mixed with a touch of Cajun feel (to my ears anyways!) and then all heck breaks loose and the driving force of the lead guitar kicks in and then back again. And then they take you out hard and quick.......Some of their other outstanding tracks are: Old Glory......13 Years.......Faded Glory.......It'll Be Alright.......Close Your Eyes.......The Madness.......See You in My Dreams, gee did I just name off the whole cd? almost.

I can not close out this review without mentioning the driving force behind the Sulentic Brothers Band and they are: Tom Sulentic - drums and vocals.....Dave Sulentic - guitar and vocals.....Mike May - guitar and vocals.....Jim Robinson - bass guitar.....Cliff Schooler - guitars, harp and vocals.....Dave Lynch - guitar and vocals....

Muzik Reviewz
Mary Rudy
- Mary Rudy

"Live Review"

Excerpts from letter(s) sent from Jeff Paetz "OZ"—coordinator “Thunder in the Sand” The Circle Of Pride M/C:

“The music was great. The songs I heard, (made me wonder at first) if that was the band (live) or a CD-- it (the music) sounded that great! Thank you for every thing; it was more than what I dreamed of. I’ve worked with a lot of bands, but you guys were by far the greatest to work with. You (The Sulentic Brothers Band) have the right stuff for the bikers and they loved it…a lot of people…said that was one of the best bands we have had at our bash. The guys gave a new meaning to the party. I was really happy to have met the band… (we) love what they play…They reached out and showed people the true meaning of what rocking the house down means.”—OZ (Jeff Paetz—coordinator “Thunder in the Sand” The Circle Of Pride M/C 8/29/03)

- Jeff Paetz

"Live Review 2"

"Absolutely awesome, amazing, outstanding, stupendous performance at the 2004 LA State HOG Rally here in Shreveport, LA. There is no doubt that you guys stole the show at this year's Rally. Cliff, Dave L. your vocal renditions were simply excellent! Tom's drum solo has to rank with the best I have ever seen anywhere! Dave S., the guitar work and vocals were perfection to behold. Jim on the bass kept the beat alive and never missed a lick. And what can be said about Michael? That guitar work sent chills up and down my spine. The rendition of "Freebird" with Dave and Michael going at it is something I will never forget. Anyway guys and Tim thanks for making the trip all the way down to Louisiana to be part of the best HOG Rally the country has EVER seen. Sorry the weather was only in the 70 degree range but maybe next time we can make it a bit warmer for y'all. Thanks again and keep the southern classic rock alive."--Lee Elder/Staff LA State HOG Rally Sunday, 4. April 2004 - Lee Elder

"South Bend Thought"

Coming from Indiana, this band is a band of passionate and fanatic people, articulated around the two Sulentic brothers and Mike May. It 's easily visible the southern spirit is in this band as you can confirm while listening to some of their titles, such as “Old Glory” (talking about September 11th), “Free Ride” or “Faded Glory” (talking about the Vietnam vets). In another way they like to talk about their main influences, Skynyrd, Allman Brothers and ZZ Top. This is easily detectable while you listen to their music.

Today, it seems things evolved and it seems the Sulentic Brothers Band reached a higher step and can be compared to some of the greatest acts. Their songwriting is as good as some of these acts, and the ability of their guitarists, by their creativity and the arrangements, can let them hope a better future and a recognition they surely deserve. Today, they only have a short article in our magazine, but I bet they'll get something more important in a near future.

With their enormous stage experience and after opening for great artists, we can say they have about the same potential like bands such as Rebel Storm, Alligator Stew, Catawompus and Rebel Train among others; with their own identity and personality. With their third album, Sulentic Brothers band will surely become one of the main acts in the southern music family. Well, to us, at Bands of Dixie magazine, we congratulate them for their work and wish them the very best.---John Molet - Band Of Dixie Magazine

"Powerplay Magazine"

At last! At long last! The anticipation has almost been killing me. Okay boyz `n girlz, may I present to you a truly glorious new rock band. Who combine all the very best bits of Molly Hatchet, 38 Special. Blackfoot, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. While adding to that mix their own unique pedigree, and sound utterly magnificent for it. If you only buy one southern rock release this year-make sure this is it! Make no mistake…. This is a biggie!
This is the perfect album to get your day started. But it`s also as good when used for your midday pick me up. It also hits the spot as a cd to cruise to in your car, while being a shit-kicker to juice your mood as you prepare for a night out on the town. Yet conversely is a perfect album to entertain yourself when you `ve got an all too rare night at home. Just how many albums do you know that suit all your moods and needs? Exactly my point! So like most bands with the word Brothers in the Sulentics aren`t right? Wrong. Drummer Tom and Guitarist Dave are indeed Sulentics, And are joined by Mike May (guitars), Jim Robinson (bass), Cliff Schooler (guitars,lead vocals, harmonica), and Dave Lynch (lead vocals/ rhythm guitars). It’s a sort of a Black Crowes type situation.
The album kicks off with the mighty (Old Glory), and let me tell you this is one of the greatest southern anthems…. Ever! This ranks right up among the pantheon of songs like (Freebird), (Sweet home Alabama), (Boogie no More), (Back Door Stranger), (20th Century Fox), (Song For The Outlaw), (Train! Train! ), (Montana Highway), (Hoo Myself), (Don`t Dog Me)…… We are talking about a sublime piece of musical work, and the epic. The madness only inches behind. This album also sees the introduction of new lead vocalist/ rhythm guitarist Dave Lynch. A terrific addition he is too. With a wonderfully emotive yet gritty voice that compliments the bands music to perfection. There are no individual highpoints, just ten mean, moody, and magnificent southern rock musical adventures: Old Glory, 13 Years, Roll The Dice, Free Ride, Faded Glory, and See You In My Dreams. This album is Suvvern Haven, with chicken scatchin, geetars a-go-go and the rebel flag flying proudly at the fore. Simply need this so badly ……. Finally, The Sulentic Brothers Band has signed an exclusive Eurpean distribution deal with a single outlet only. So if you want to buy this stunning album, or either of its predecessors.

Look up yer Uncle Steve at Z-Roxx …. And tell him that Powerplay sent ya! You know it make sense.

POWERPOINTS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
- Simon Gausden


1. If I Had a Dollar
2. Tell Me Why
3. Please Come Home
4. Free Ride
5. The Past
6. Movin’
7. Reach For the Stars
8. Cold, Cold World
9. Set You Free
10. To Show The Way

1. In America
2. Never Be the Same
3. Black Onion
4. The Madness
5. The Prisoner
6. Guts N Glory
7. I’ve Been Told
8. Just A Child
9. On the Run
10. More More More

1. Old Glory
2. 13 Years
3. Roll the Dice
4. Free Ride
5. Faded Glory
6. It Will Be Alright
7. Close Your Eyes
8. South Bend
9. Madness
10. See You in My Dreams

Hynotized 2008
1.set you free
2.wasting my time your hand
5.loser alley
6.learn how to play
7.the reaper
8.don't need nobody the love
10.hope (live)
11.streets of heaven (live)

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Dave and Tom Sulentic from South Bend, Indiana, founded The Sulentic Brothers Band in 1993 with the goal of creating a band that concentrated on playing and writing their own music. With that in mind, they had an old friend that played guitar like a dream that they considered immediately for the band--Mike May. They found Mike and were thrilled when he agreed to be a part of the band. Now, with Mike and Dave on lead and rhythm guitars and Tom on the drums, the search for a bass player began. Finally, Jim Robinson, one exceptional bass player fit the bill and the personality of the group perfectly. Then the time came for the daunting task of finding a vocalist. It was Jim's foresight that made the search an easy one. Bringing Cliff Schooler, a vocalist, guitarist and harp man to the band completed the line-up from the bands inception untill 2001. During that time the band played and wrote over 90 songs and released 2 albums. In 2001 Dave Lynch joined and brought with him his writing skills as well as another vocalists. Thus, with a lot of hard work, a little searching and a little luck The Sulentic Brothers Band was formed. Over the years they have opened for such acts as Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Styx, Ted Nugent, ZZ Top, Foghat, The Charlie Daniels Band, Montgomery Gentry, The Edgar Winter Group. If you are looking for a band that is sure to keep a crowd entertained then look no farther than Indiana's very own Sulentic Brothers Band