The Sulentic Brothers Band

The Sulentic Brothers Band


ARE YOU ITCHING TO HEAR SOME GUITAR BASED ROCK-N-ROLL?!?!?! Ok boyz 'n' gurlz may I present to you a truly glorious Guitar Rock-n-Roll band, who combine their own unique pedigree and sound utterly magnificent!!! The Sulentic Brothers Band's music is a unique combination of styles and ideas.


Dave and Tom Sulentic from South Bend, Indiana, founded The Sulentic Brothers Band in 1993 with the goal of creating a band that concentrated on playing and writing their own music. With that in mind, they had an old friend that played guitar like a dream that they considered immediately for the band--Mike May. They found Mike and were thrilled when he agreed to be a part of the band. Now, with Mike and Dave on lead and rhythm guitars and Tom on the drums, the search for a bass player began. Finally, Jim Robinson, one exceptional bass player fit the bill and the personality of the group perfectly. Then the time came for the daunting task of finding a vocalist. It was Jim's foresight that made the search an easy one. Bringing Cliff Schooler, a vocalist, guitarist and harp man to the band completed the line-up from the bands inception untill 2001. During that time the band played and wrote over 90 songs and released 2 albums. In 2001 Dave Lynch joined and brought with him his writing skills as well as another vocalists. Thus, with a lot of hard work, a little searching and a little luck The Sulentic Brothers Band was formed. Over the years they have opened for such acts as Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Styx, Ted Nugent, ZZ Top, Foghat, The Charlie Daniels Band, Montgomery Gentry, The Edgar Winter Group. If you are looking for a band that is sure to keep a crowd entertained then look no farther than Indiana's very own Sulentic Brothers Band


1. If I Had a Dollar
2. Tell Me Why
3. Please Come Home
4. Free Ride
5. The Past
6. Movin’
7. Reach For the Stars
8. Cold, Cold World
9. Set You Free
10. To Show The Way

1. In America
2. Never Be the Same
3. Black Onion
4. The Madness
5. The Prisoner
6. Guts N Glory
7. I’ve Been Told
8. Just A Child
9. On the Run
10. More More More

1. Old Glory
2. 13 Years
3. Roll the Dice
4. Free Ride
5. Faded Glory
6. It Will Be Alright
7. Close Your Eyes
8. South Bend
9. Madness
10. See You in My Dreams

Hynotized 2008
1.set you free
2.wasting my time your hand
5.loser alley
6.learn how to play
7.the reaper
8.don't need nobody the love
10.hope (live)
11.streets of heaven (live)

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Set List

With Over 130 Songs Written Over The 15 Years, The Set Lists Vary With Each Event.
Cover Songs Are Limited, Since It Takes A Good Band To Play Others Music, But A Great Band To Write And Perform Their Own Music!

13 Years
Ain't It Strange
Another Day
Black Onion
Can't Let You Go
Close Your Eyes
Cold, Cold World
Cough It Up
Don't Need Nobody
Faded Glory
Feel It
Final Ride
Free Ride
Getting Brighter
Go All The Way
Gonna Do YA
Got To Roll On
Guts N Glory
How Could You Do That
I Need To Know
I’ve Been Told
If I Had a Dollar
In America
It Will Be Alright
Jims Song
Just A Child
Learn How To Play
Long Endless Highway
More More More
Your Hand
Movin Ahead
Never Be the Same
No Jive
Nowhere To Turn
Old Glory
On the Run
Open Your Heart
Party Tonight
Play The Hand
Please Come Home
Poor Little Girl
Precious Time