The Sullivan Brothers

The Sullivan Brothers


Have you ever been in an Irish Pub on St. Patrick's Day? Did you love the intensity of the songs and the jigs and reels? That's how it is at every gig when the Sullivan Brothers perform. They've been playing for over 30 years in Chicago's well known Irish Pubs. Have a pint and join the fun!


Last year was a difficult one for our band as our dear brother Bill Sullivan died from cancer in August, not long after our hero Tommy Makem died. Bill Sullivan was the founder of our band and it was his inspiration that sparked our most memorable performances, especially our gigs at Milwaukee Irishfest in 1997, 1998 and 2000. His inspiration will never be forgotten as he has inspired a new generation of Irish musicians in the Sullivan family - Tommy Sullivan, Liz Sullivan, Eddie O'Connor and Johnny Russo. They are now performing with us as we cover all the well known Irish songs and ballads. Plus, they are becoming stars in their own right playing their own gigs in Chicago for the college age crowds. They're very good even if it's the opinion of a proud father and uncle . So, yes we are very proud that the family tradition of over 30 years of playing in Chicago's well known Irish pubs will continue, and we would love to show off our kids in Milwaukee this summer. I remember the great sing-song we had late Saturday night at the Park East in 1997, first with Tommy Makem and his boys, then with the Black Family. It would be a dream come true for our Irish-American family's new generation to experience the Super Bowl of Irish music as their parents have. Most of all , we have to make sure we properly pass on this wonderful gift of Irish music from my brother Bill Sullivan to the next generation. That's what it's all about.


We have two CD's: The Sullivan Brothers "Echoes and Footprints"; and Jim Sullivan "At Dolan's" ; our kids have their own CD called "Platform 29"

Set List

We do 50 minute sets of Irish ballads, drinking songs, jigs and reels. It's a family show with a variety of covers of songs from the Clancy Brothers , the Saw Doctors, Christy Moore, Tommy Makem and others, with some originals from the young band members. There are certain songs where only the older band members play, and vice-versa. And of course some that we do all together.