The Sultans

The Sultans


In times of change, a light will illuminate all that is around showing things as they truly are. That light is the Sun of Sultans.


Ancient writings line the wall, as you walk through a columned hall. Hooded and cloaked he takes your hand. You walk in silence, a mysterious man. A light in the distance to you does call, shrouded in secrecy, you begin to fall.

Explosions of light, chaos, and sound. Death, birth, glorious visions abound. A dreamlike state surrounds your mind. YouÂ’re floating and flying, leaving life behind. Through the astro plane you descend, to the underworld but not the end.

Four brothers connect through sound current, meditation, and deep rooted philosophical beliefs to create an altered state of reality known as The Sultans.

The Sultans formed in Old South Austin Texas in 2003. Rock n' roll, pscychodelia, blues, soul, improvisation and experimentation are the main ingredients to their 1960's vintage rock sound. "Like hearing someone sing the music that is in them to play and not just playing what's suppose to be in fashion to play," The Sultans rebel against the ever-changing trends of today and take influences from the many that have come before them as well as personal philosophical beliefs, creating entirely original material with a modern vibe. They have been described as reminiscent to retro bands such as The Kinks, The Who, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and Pink Floyd. "The melodic tones of the vocals are like dripping honey over the grind and thrust of the guitar riffs...everything seems to electrify and grow wilder with this fever of rage and then swiftly bellows out leaving you with that feeling of wanting just a little bit more." [Infuzed Magazine] The Sultans frequent local Austin stages such as The Saxon Pub, Trophy's, Momo's, and the legendary Antone's Blues Club. They recently returned from a west coast tour which included a showcase at the world famous Whisky A Go Go club in Los Angeles California. In July of 2007 they released their debut record an LP titled 'More Light from the East.' The album is a collective of sounds, an emotional concept which brings the listener on a spiritual journey through many different planes of existence. Life, death, and rebirth; earth, the underworld, and the subconscious.

In times of change a light will illuminate all that is around, showing things as they truly are. That light is The Sun of Sultans.

Notable Performances:

Fallout Boy Celebrity Afterparty
The Whiksy A Go Go, Los Angeles CA
Saturday June 23, 2007

Local Live Radio Show
KVRX 91.7 fm, Austin TX
December 2006

Antone's, Austin TX
September 2006

KLBJ's Rolling Stones Hoot Night
Rutamaya Cafe, Austin TX
August 2006

Bodog Music Battle of the Bands
The Meridian Room, Houston TX
August 2007

Opening act for Bob Schneider
The Saxon Pub, Austin TX
March 2006

Other Notes:

-Radio play in Austin on KVRX 91.7
-Top Ten list on KVRX 91.7 for September 2007
-Music video play on ME TV in Austin
-Music video play on Vlaze Music Video Station in LA
-Featured as the subject of an upcoming Documentary Film


Sooner or Later

Written By: Johnny Flores

Sooner or Later
You're gonna hear that call
Cause when the darkness comes
Its gonna lead you beyond the wall

And you might be sleepin
Or on a Sunday drive
Or in a dramatic battle
Or maybe even on an airplan ride

Oh ain't life a thrill
Yeah ain't life a thrill

You gotta live
Oh you gotta live before you die


Well i know one day
You're gonna come callin
Like a theif in the night
There to take me away

But i wont be afaid
When you come down from up above
Cause i been waitin
Oh said i been waitin
For the light

Won't you come take me home



Ohhhhh shake

Well I know one day that death will come
And I know it'll be lookin for me

And I'm ready
I'm ready as can be


Oh yeah

Aw come on take it one more time
Come on come on

Under the Temple

Written By: Johnny Flores

Well ancient writings line the wall
As your walking through a columned hall
And they call to all
Yeah they call to all

But who in life could ever claim
To hold the key to higher planes
Do they know his name?
Do they know his name?


And it flows
Flows like a river

Under the temple on the hill


Well its comin from the east
Its headed toward the west
Bringin the knowledge to human test
Nobody's home
Oh nobody's home


And it flows
Flows like a river
Under the temple on the hill

Linger On

Written By: Johnny Flores

As we linger On
Linger on Linger on Tonight

My memories fading
Fading from a time that never was

And the truth is still waiting
This I swear

This I swear

Oh as we travel On
The road leads onward but wears it going tonight

Is the world on my shoulders?
See now I'm getting much older
This I swear

This I swear

I'm livin life without a care

Are the good times gone?
Does our maker stand waiting?

There ain't no use in debating
This I swear

This I swear


Debut Album:

'More Light from the East' LP
Mick Brown Records Copyright 2007

Live Album:

'The Sultans Live on KVRX Radio 91.7fm' LP
Mick Brown Records Copyright 2007

Music Videos:

'Under the Temple' 2007
Music Video shot on super 8 film
Directed by Clarissa Ysel
Cinematography by Bryant Wilson

'Untitled Documentary' 2007
Directed by Matt Castro
Release date TBA

'Faith Without Knowledge' 2007
Live at the Whisky A Go Go
Directed by Matt Castro

Set List

Album Tracklisting:

Sooner or Later
Under the Temple
Floowing the Footsteps of Dante
Right Before You Wake
Twelve Tone Bells
Down and Out
Nature's Song
Linger On
2048 AD