The Summer Acoustic

The Summer Acoustic


Electroacoustic indie pop band composed of two high school students using just a MacBook Pro, guitar, and vocals to create a unique type of music.


The Summer Acoustic is made of two high school students from Tampa, Florida with their minds set to make a mark on the indie pop scene with their unique combination of acoustic instruments as well as electronic sounds and programming. Originally known as a powerpop band called Hero Fails!, Joey and Mike decided to create more acoustic music while keeping in mind the same kind of electronic sound.
With musical influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Radiohead, The Summer Acoustic is set on creating both a catchy and unique feel, hoping to excite audiences of all kinds and eventually record an EP with a record label. If you're looking for light acoustic rhythms with memorable and catchy dance tunes, The Summer Acoustic will definitely not let you down.


We're Better Together

Written By: The Summer Acoustic

I spent hours picking flowers for the girl I couldn’t see
Hands like ice around my neck my world faded so softly
I couldn’t breathe I couldn’t love I couldn’t bear the misery
Put me to sleep, put me to sleep, put me to sleep

I remember the day, I sat down, some stupid girl took my seat
I could’ve sworn for a second our eyes were truly meant to meet
The conversations they came so quick, so fast so very naturally
I was with you, you were with me, and that’s all we’ll ever need

I know you are the one for me
It’s a matter of simplicity
I will love you for eternity
And I swear, I can not lie, please believe me


The Summer Acoustic is an unsigned indie band, waiting to be found.

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The Summer Acoustic, being a new project aside from the previous band Hero Fails!, has one recorded single but is working on recording more songs soon. Recorded cover songs include covers from other indie acoustic bands, such as Backseat Goodbye.