The Summer Pledge

The Summer Pledge

 Waterford, Michigan, USA

Experimental, indie rock band from Detroit, MI. Taking influences from bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, Cave-In, Broken Social Scene and Minus The Bear to name a few, The Summer Pledge in two years have constructed radio rock songs to space rock supernovas without any limitations or restrictions


"The Summer Pledge is a Detroit based five-piece that intertwines elements of progressive-indie and soul music with a dash of nostalgia to bring a unique breed of creatively established ideas, themes and sounds. Orchestrations both fluid and intricate create a dreamy and explosive storm. Organic landscapes illustrated through space rock supernovas, The Summer Pledge's dynamic sensations from notes in time that are both thoughtful and passionate. Conceived in the winter of 2007, the band has worked painstakingly to properly introduce their debut album. "You Are You" is a thematic, rhetorical narrative on the coming of age and contingency of the white and blue collar working class throughout the modern day economic decline."


Silver Choice

Written By: The Summer Pledge

it's raining led

inside my cubicle
discordant phones ring
the client has been sold
all the sheep on the seventh floor
look the same
and take the same route
my hands are callused over
from building up my clout
so i wont feel left out

perform at your expense
it will all make sense
you'll look great in this uniform
so drink our wine and break our bread

just don't wake the dead...

i'm freeeeeeeeeeeeezing!

Who Are You?

Written By: The Summer Pledge

suppose that your cadence skipped in time
eradication builds inside the humble domain
an allegiance of morale is born
an honest ego torn
doubtingly proclaims!

"who are these hypo critic maims"?
you are you!!!

for waiting on your sanity to uniform
relying on your urgencies
to free the storm
some make some rather rash decisions
in between climbing new ambitions
through looking back at what you were born with in your heart!

opposing the notion of sudden change
certifies the magnitude of looking back and slowing down
an honest ego torn
hopelessly explains...

You Are You

Written By: The Summer Pledge

no lyrics


-"You Are You" CD, LP, cassette

"Recurring Dream" 7", cassette

Available soon!

Set List

Set's for us range between 5-8 songs depending on the show.

We recently opened for Melt Banana. Our set consisted of 5 songs including tracks from our debut album, "You Are You" as well a couple new songs.

-Silver Choice
-House Of Beds
-Beelzebub's Teeth
-Dolphin Meditation
-You Are You

New working titles include:
Suspended By Sunbeams
Beelzebub's Teeth
A Tail Full Of Suns