Powerpop, Rock A Teen Band creating their own sound, blended with the "Alternative" edge.


The Summers brothers began over 3 years ago with a local rock school program and quickly found their love for music and entertaining crowds. It has been said that they are "beyond their years in musicanship" and have a "huge sound" for young guys! They performed previously with a younger lead singer, and took off 7 months to hone their skills, whereby returning as a brothers' band, May '07, Louisville, KY. They initially played classic rock, but when they started with the threesome, wanted to attract a teens crowd.
Their influences have included Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Sum 41, even Hendrix and several of their music teachers.
What sets The Summers apart from others is the "it factor" that everyone says they have on stage! They are powerful players, entertaining to watch and delight audiences of all ages. They have big dreams to get signed, be a young Grammy winner, be on national tv with their shows, and start more entrepreneurial projects as well.
The Summers have been writing music just since August; they have 6 originals, with one on their MySpace now, and 2 originals on video of a recent show.
They have been in the recording studio with a couple of covers, and now have one original track on , My Other Identity. The fact that they are twins, 13 and 14 year old drummer brother, they seem to get the girls screaming!
The boys have played in the Louisville area, as well a Cincinnati, Memphis, TN . They have played for Radio Disney events including the Mayor of Louisville's New Year's Eve Bash at the Louisville Gardens (2 times). Currently they are the focus of a citywide fundraiser, Rockin' for Kids, a concert event where all proceeds will go towards the Music Therapy Program at Kosair Children's Hospital, Louisville. Event is Mar 16, Coyote's @ City Block Louisville.


Have a single, "My Other Identity" which will be played on WDJX Radio, Louisville, weeknights @ 10 for the next couple of weeks.

Set List

A typical set list is anywhere from 45 min to 1 1/2 hrs. The band has 6 originals so far and are continuously working on more:
~My Other Identity
~As I Fall Down
~Lost My Mind
~Crevice In My Heart
~Don't Wait For Me

The typical cover repertoire is a majority of alternative rock with a slight blend of classic rock.