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The Summer Salts @ Schuba's

Chicago, IL, Illinois, USA

Chicago, IL, Illinois, USA

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Gapers Block
Roll Over
09.17.2007 in Concert by Kara Luger

The Summer Salts are traditionalists, rocking with nothing but three band members and a dream. Oh, and a hefty indie-pop sensibility. The Chicago trio (Travis Wiggins, Michael Rice, and Eoin Burke) want to share the love with you, gentle listener, at their show this Saturday, Sept. 22 at the Underground Lounge. - Gaper's Block


Do a Somersault - LP - Released 5.2008

1. Pace Setter
2. Trashy Romance Novels (Nobody Knows Me)
3. My Father's Side of the Family
4. The Final Word
5. Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes
6. Headache
7. A Lot to Learn
8. The Best Thing
9. Shelf Life
10. Surprise
11. My Lucky Charm
12. NO
13. The Whistling Song



The Summer Salts have a unique sound, emphasizing a famous quote by Miles Davis: "It's not the notes you play, but the notes you don't."

Their first album, Do A Somersault! (5.2008), has a wide dynamic range of songs, from the dance/rock focused “NO,” to the sweet and melodic “Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes.”

Their sound has become more refined, with more dance/rock numbers and tighter melodies since the addition of drummer Luke Krause, who joined the group in Spring of 2008 and will be appearing on their next album.

Multi-instrumentalist Travis Lee Wiggins plays bass and sings for the Salts. His solo project, Essex Chanel ( has garnered much attention from the Chicago press. In the Salts, his bass lines interconnect with guitarist Michael Rice’s notes and create a harmony unique to every other band out there playing today. While Wiggins sings the melodies, Rice plays rhythm and lead parts of his instrument with ease.

The Summer Salts play a sound that has trimmed off all the fat, there’s not one extraneous note in any of the songs. This is music down to the essentials. The Salts write all their music collaboratively, each having a hand in the creation of the song, a true democratic band.

The Salts are the type of band that you don't need extra listens to like their music--their music is instantaneous, and you'll like what you hear.

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