The Sunbreaks

The Sunbreaks


We play original compositions that are melodic and moody. Our music is hard to peg - think Nick Cave after doing whip-its or Beck on a rainy day. Or just listen and decide for yourself.


This music just kind of happened. Mick got a crappy Gibson SG in college and tried to play "Black Boys on Mopeds" by Sinead O'Connor, but every time he tried he wrote a pretty guitar part. We are influenced by J.S. Bach, R.E.M., Elliot Smith, Ren and Stimpy and many others. Oh yeah, and we're brothers.


Look for an EP in 2007.

Set List

I Don't Know
Tabula Rasa
Moni G
Strangest Face
Where I've Been
Shine Along the Way
Run Mickey
My Town
Nice to Lie
Would you Stay
Ruby Lou
You Don't