The Sun Company

The Sun Company

 Ames, Iowa, USA

The Sun Company is a Jam/rock/funk/space/blues band that caters to the "festie" scene. We put on a fun, jam centered show that is in no way like anything the on the jam scene today. It engages listeners, forces them to smile/dance and is NOT repetitive "electronic" music.


The Sun Company extracts the sounds of many genres. It would be hard to label their music to a specific category. They pride themselves with the wide variety of influences that shape their music as well as the ability to play their own music with a different twist every time. They play bluegrass, rock, funk, blues, space, yet they apply these genres to make their own sound. By no means are they trying to mimic their predecessors, like many bands today. Think of it as a fruit smoothie... blueberries, strawberries, yogurt and maybe some bananas if that's your thing, all blended together to make a delicious treat. In short, they are a group of musicians that love playing music and putting on a fun show, loaded with shenanigans.


The Sun Company "Shhh"

---Recorded and Released in the Fall of 2010, featuring seven tracks.

The Sun Company "Live at the Ark"

---Recorded and released a live album in January 2011, featuring seven tracks as well (we recorded the entire 2 hour performance and had to cut it down to one disk." The five tracks on our EPK are from this recording.

Set List

We have enough ORIGINAL material to play for three solid hours.

Our stage needs are five mics, two mics for amps, drum mics and two 1/4 inch outputs to soundboard; one for bass out and one for keys out.