The Sun Doctors

The Sun Doctors

 San Diego, California, USA

A revolutionary new sound that combines the rhythmic beat and EFX of dance music (ie house, trance) with the power of a full, four piece, profesional rock and roll band. A band, a show, an experience that is unforgettable.


This music is high energy. It is a perfect bridge to close the gap between venue and club. The girls can dance and the boys can rock out all in the same show. We formed about a year ago and all four players have extensive performance backround. Collectively the group has opened up for mulitple national acts including Pepper, Skid Row, Tantric, Long Beach Dub All Stars and many more. They have also gained sponorship with red bull, no fear and local skate shops. Our new EP is getting airplay almost every week in San Diego and we havn't even finished the art work, or replication process. This music is in demand. We are influence by Muse, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Green Day.


One That I Love

Written By: Paul Sofsky

One That I Love
(By Paul Sofsky)

I received a letter today
It was a notice that you might not be coming home
You went to battle, and that’s all that they could say
With no communication your on your own
But I can feel you

The moonlight outlines my cigarette smoke
You can see it so clear in this desert night
Losing my faith, is this war a joke?
I’m just trying to survive
Just trying to stay alive

I will fight for the right to be loved
Defend my heart from the wicked
Protect the souls I connect with
And I’ll die for the one that I love, one that I love

I’m sitting in the hot sands of a foreign land
Never knowing what evils ahead
There’s a gun on my shoulder
I have not a clue of the plan
And I’m wonderings why everyone’s dead
But I know what I’m fighting for

All my senses have been numbed
Given up would be so easy
Lights are shinning on my porch
As a beacon so that you can find me



The Sun Doctors
1. Mess I Made (3:57)
2. Gasoline (3:34)
3. Final Destination (5:00)
4. Blind Devotion (4:17)
5. Poker Face (Originally by Lady Gaga (4:34)

Set List

Our typical set list is around 9 to 10 songs including a couple covers to keep the audience who has not seen us stimulated. We have tailored the set for optimum excitment.
1. Gasoline
2. Mess I Made
3. Poker Face (Cover)
4. Who I am
5. For What it's Worth (Cover)
6. Final Destination
7. (Drum Solo)
8. Blind Devotion
9. The Cycle