The Sundogs

The Sundogs


Often compared to The Black Crowes, The Sundogs are a straight-up rock n roll band with an original take on roots rock. Three songwriters (2 of them brothers), thick guitar, great harmony and grooves so fresh they oughta be slapped. Based in Atlanta, GA- they have a strong Southeastern following.


“With vintage Rock N Roll hearts and mouths full of dirty whiskey, The Sundogs stand to continue that great Southern rock legacy.”- Hittin the Note

Often described as a mix of the Black Crowes and The Band, The Sundogs deliver a vintage rock n roll sound driven by the strength of their three songwriters- brothers Will and Lee Haraway and longtime running partner Matt Ulmer. Soaring melodies, blood brother harmony and ragged glory guitar from Ulmer and Lee Haraway’s pedal steel (he plays it dirty instead of sweet) punctuate thick, infectious grooves that make you want to throw your hands in the air and BELIEVE.

You Gotta Believe.


LP- BB GUN DAYS, released March 2004

Tracks "Oasis", "Wastin Time on You" and "Foodhook" are on rotation on XM Radio and selected Southeastern radio stations.

Set List

When playing one set, The Sundogs play 2 solid hours. When playing two sets, The Sundogs play 3 solid hours.

The Sundogs' sets combine their original material with a few selected covers, always a 10/2 ratio.

Original music is written by L. Haraway/W.Haraway (ASCAP) & Ulmer (ASCAP)

The Sundogs have over 30 original songs to choose from for their always-changing sets.