High Octane Roots/Americana. From Rockabilly to Blues and all stops in between


The band started in 1988 as a straight rock n roll band, with just 3 good friends getting together to jam. As time went on the noise that first started soon began to sound a little musical and it was agreed that we should start imposing ourselves on the general public to see if we could make some money, stay sober, and record some tracks for release. Well we weren't bottled off stage on the first gig so we carried on and we're still at it.
The original band of 3 has now just one original member (Lee Gocher) the other 2 guys are now doing other things like getting married and having a normal life. The band is still out 52 weeks a year gigging up and down the UK, Europe and Japan.
Last year (2007) saw us play 102 shows in the UK alone with gigs in Europe and a small tour of Japan.
The band has always been about playing live music for people to enjoy and not just playing for our own benefit. We have a very varied influence base and depending which member you ask you'll get a whole different bunch of answers. But here are some anyway. Hank Williams, Don Gibson, Elvis,
Anything from SUN RECORDS - MEMPHIS. The Stray Cats, Johnny Cash, The Sonics, The Clash, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Willie Dixon. Marty Robbins. The list goes on and on. Pick the bones out of that lot and you have some idea of our tastes.
We give a 100% to everything we do and this includes writing and recording our own material. We are just in the process of releasing our 3rd album of original material, with a further 2 releases due in 2008. Two further tours of Europe are planned for 2008 and possibly another Far Eastern tour. There is also talk of working in the USA but this is still in negotiation at the moment. The band has backed a whole host of US rockabilly legends including Ronnie Dawson, Johnny Carroll, Ray Campi, Mac Curtis, Johnny Powers, Jerry Lee Merritt, Gene Vincents Blue Caps and Rip Masters. We have also worked with a number of Chart bands from the 80's and 90's including the Pouges, the Housemartins and Tenpole Tudor to name but 3.


2 tracks on compilation album "Hep to the beat" backing Gene Vincents original Blue Caps - polytone 1993.
Lee Gocher and the Sundowners - Outlaws Ride Foot tapping Records 2005
Lee Gocher and the Sundowners - Flyin' High - Foot tapping Records 2007
Lee Gocher's Sundowners - Back to the roots - EdSonJo Records 2008
Lee Gocher's Sundowners - 10,000 miles of bad road.
Foot tapping Records 2008

Set List

We move through all the areas of American Roots Music. (Rockabilly, Country, Blues, Bluegrass, Surf, 60's Garage, Cajan). We now have 2 45 minute sets of our own material that we can mix and match with current set favs. We have in excess of 500 cover songs that come in and out of the set.