The Sunnies
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The Sunnies


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Nothing commercially released, but Paul's got hours of demos.



The Sunnies are clean-cut and well behaved. They always show up on time, they always say please and thank you, and they smell really nice. But as with all things, The Sunnies have a dark side. They are socially awkward and have a hard time making eye contact when meeting new people. Outwardly cheerful, but inwardly forlorn, like a three-legged puppy, The Sunnies are easily loved but prone to episodes of self-indulgent moping.

Their music is catchy and earnest. Dubbed by one man as "hurt-along" music, The Sunnies play songs wrought with malaise and gilded with humour. Drawing on the plight, both mundane and profound, of the common man, always they deliver with a spoonful of sweet, sweet optimism. Beautiful harmonies and Neil Young-esque songwriting style give this group a Folk-Rock vibe, but they aren't afraid to mix more than a little punk into their sets. If anything, The Sunnies consider themselves a punk outfit first and foremost.