The Sunshine Bumpers

The Sunshine Bumpers

 Bellingham, Washington, USA

The Sunshine Bumpers is bringing back rock and roll with new tunes and style. Influenced by classic rock, the psychedelic 60's and many others, we are here in the spirit of rock. Grooving with our amps maxed out, get ready for a loud and face melting show.


The Sunshine Bumpers - a five-member rock group with classic rock and psychedelic influences. Its members include Sam Payne on lead guitar, Michael Vincent on rhythm guitar, Alex Fulton on bass, Daisy Deeley on vocals, and Brad O’Neal as the drummer. While they are all originally from the greater Seattle area, The Sunshine Bumpers currently reside in Bellingham. All sharing a love for rock and roll, Sam, Michael, Alex and Daisy formed the band while attending Western Washington University in early 2009. In need of a talented drummer they discovered Brad, a previous jazz drummer, in September of that year. Since then they have been performing at various bars and open mics around Bellingham. With powerful vocals, bluesy guitars, and grooving bass lines, The Sunshine Bumpers are reviving the
greatness of rock and roll as it was in the 60’s.


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Set List

An hour of new songs, we can put on an awesome show led by singer Daisy Deely