A powerful fusion of rock, pop and alternative that's reminiscent of the 80's and 90's best, without the derivation felt in many of today's contemporary bands.


Growing up in Wayne, New Jersey, JODY DELLI SANTI aka SUPERCREEP always knew that he wanted to make his musical mark in New York City. Prior to his move across the river to the Big Apple, Jody spent years studying music and music history.
That’s when three-time Grammy Award winning producer, Warren Riker, and the start-up label of one of the industry’s top managers, Pat Magnarella, joined forces to take on the talented songwriter and performer. With a team of supporters and believers, Jody found a platform in Pat’s Record Company to launch the self-titled debut album he had been living and breathing the previous two years in his parent’s basement in New Jersey. SUPERCREEP flourishes while breaking that generic mold of rock and pop that incessantly invades your weathered ears. It is not too late to save your ears from that over-worked standard. This is not just the future of rock or of pop, this is the fusion of many musical genres to create a potent mix that’s certainty cannot be denied. The record opens with the unapologetic rock anthem “Mushroom Cloud” that embodies the invincibility that comes with SUPERCREEP’s brazen attitude and disregard for the constrictions of societal “norms”. The momentum rolls into the infectious, guitar driven derivation “One Day” leaving no doubt that this is the future of modern and active rock. The mid-tempo “Fire Escapes” strikes to the heart of SUPERCREEP’s deft pop sensibility combining thought provoking lyrics with an emotive musical style that’s been missing in the contemporary musical landscape. Equally rewarding are the compulsive sing alongs, “Polite”, "Soft Summer Breakdown" and “Stereo”, stripping away all assumptions of where the CREEP is taking you. With musical influences as diverse as Neil Young, Aphex Twin, and The Clash, it is no wonder that his album is as varied as the themes discussed within.


Mushroom Cloud

Written By: Jody Delli Santi

I watch u smoke that cigarette
U look so sexy 2 me
Let me stand my ground 4 a minute
I bet she’ll, bet she’ll come 2 me
In the morning I’m sober again
And I feel so incomplete
Smoke a joint, pop a pill, all better
I’m ready now my engine’s on

U ain’t gonna stop my mushroom cloud

Sometimes I search through my dad’s things
Lookin 4 the percs from his knee surgery
Nothing feels better than being inside a girl
And when I’m done I’ll set them free

U ain’t gonna stop my mushroom cloud

Did u know I’m a genius
I have the key 2 life
I’ll climb the mountain 2 the top
Before u blink your iz
I got bad posture, and I feel a little hostile
So get the fuck off

U ain’t gonna stop my mushroom cloud



Set List

45 Minute Sets / Polite, Time, Soft Summer Breakdown, Fire Escapes, Stereo, In The Dust, The Haze, One Day, Mushroom Cloud