The SuperSecret Project

The SuperSecret Project

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If you were in a movie and wanted some "bad-ass" music to play while you were walking down the street, The SSP is DEFINITELY what you'd choose. Rock mixed with reggae and hip-hop makes for some tasty tracks!


Born out of boredom while the band's two members were attending college in Boston, MA in 1998... The SuperSecret Project is the brainchild of artists Billy Donohoe and Christian Wisecarver. The two met and began exchanging ideas for songs. Time passed and so did they (from college) to go on to stupid jobs that they hate. So they decided to make an album and get rich. Fortunately the music they came up with (and still are) is so kick-ass that it just might be crazy enough to work.

What sets us apart from other bands is our music. It's real quality stuff that's real easy to listen to and get into. All our tunes have got great beats to them that make you wanna move! Just listen to any one of them and you'll be convinced yourself, I'm sure!


Homemade Hifi - release date 5-15-03

Set List

We do minimal covers but mostly originals. Our performance material is mostly taken from the "Homemade Hifi" album.