The Superstitions

The Superstitions


The Superstitions are a three piece band from Montreal, Canada. Victoria, a young creative gutarist, music and band creator with soulful stage persona and Tyler as lyricist with profound vocals and exciting stage prescence an their dynamic drummer, Aaron. You must see this trio to appreciate :)


The Superstitions are a three piece band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The band was created and named, The Superstitions, in 2005. Band members include Victoria on guitar, Tyler for vocals and Aaron on drums. The Superstitions play various types of music, as they have many different influences, from a wide range of genres. They perform original songs, plus cover songs. Their influences are, The White Stripes, Nirvana, System of A Down, Black Sabbath, Bif Naked, The Ramones, Die Mannequin, and many others! The Superstitions sound is a mix of,rock,metal,grunge,indie,acoustic,punk and hardcore.


Thirteen 2005
Kaizen 2007

Set List

With a 45 min to 60 min set (or longer) songs include a mix of Original material plus Covers. Their Original tunes will have your eyes and ears focused, clapping or singing along, moving to the beat and there is often audience participation. Typical cover tunes would be from a wide range genre to surprise their audience with metal,rock, grunge,punk and hardcore.