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"Mysterious Rockers"

Sandra Sperounes - music writer - writes, The Surgents debut EP features "subtle hints of Depeche Mode, A.F.I., Linkin Park - and shot a snazzy video for 'The Show'". - Edmonton Journal

"The Show Review"

"The Surgents vs. the evil forces of mass media control. Aimed to set with "The Show" on contentwise opposition. A stylish, with a neopunk flavour and contemporary (Indie-)Pop Appeal equipped Groovestomper between Marilyn Manson and Death from Above 1979 - armed with huge hooks and a catchy simplicity - aiming directly from the brain to the legs. Well done, dudes."

"THE SHOW Reviews"

"The rocking pace on this kind of reminds me of The Killers, but the sound is all its own. Really high-energy and gets the blood pumping"

"This could be a big radio hit. Punchy, tight, high quality production. Can't wait to hear more from this band."

"Driving guitars and synths with a great vocal really push this along. Imagine The Killers meet 70's Glam"



"The song rocks like a rocking thing. Energetic, well-paced, and a great beat. It really pulls you along."

"Sonic Radio 102.9"

Jason Manning (Music Director of Sonic Radio 102.9) says:
"One of the best produced sounds I've heard to come out of Edmonton in a while. The Show is a sure hit! We've jumped all over it immediately." - Sonic Radio 102.9


THE SHOW (digital single)
CALLS IN THE NIGHT (digital single)
TERRA MATER (digital single)
TALK TALK (digital single)
THE SHOW (EP CD including the above 4 singles + 9 remixes)



"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Civil Rights Leader)

Rock music is a medium in which we believe artists must say something and speak to people. The power of message is undeniable and we are trying to channel beyond the meaninglessness and superficiality of much of today's mainstream music. We, as rock artists, have the responsibility to impact society and challenge everyday 'lazy' thought. We are attempting to say something in our music; we are rising up to the challenge and we are challenging the masses to make a change of thought and action; not through force or armed rebellion; no, never using sabotage or harassment; we are not insurgents - WE ARE THE SURGENTS...

THE SURGENTS were formed in April 2007 by worldclass producer/remixer Dr.Octavo (Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Emma Bunton, Korn & many others), The Professor (vocals) and Ayan Pax (drums). The first produced track “The Show” was immediately chosen by the modern rock station Sonic Radio 102.9 and The Surgents became the Band Of The Month for October 2007. The same month The Surgents dropped their debut CD bomb “The Show” creating buzz and momentum at College Stations as well as various major modern rock radios. At the same time they have shot a very unique hi-end music video thriller for “The Show” which was picked up by MuchMusic and MuchLoud TV on Nov 23, 2007 for immediate airplay, giving The Surgents nationalwide exposure and credibility.

Their original sound is being described as alternative/rock/electronica - a perfect mixture of killer guitar and synth riffs, hi-octane sound and ultimate vocal hooks. Their socially conscious songwriting and production expertise immediately translated in the four songs that are included on "The Show" EP. The first single, "The Show", deals with the brainwashing of the media and gives new strength to rise up against this potentially harmful medium. The second single, "Calls in the Night", discusses the issues surrounding the neglect of the world's children and that we must respond to the 'calls' of those young ones in need. The third track, "Terra Mater", addresses the importance of loving our planet once again and taking care of our Mother Earth. The last single from the EP, "Talk Talk", is a song which makes mention of the countless politicians who excessively bombard citizens with mere rhetoric, having very little to say of meaningful consequence.

Jason Manning (Music Director of Sonic Radio 102.9 says:
“One of the best produced sounds I’ve heard to come out of Edmonton in a while. The Show is a sure hit! We’ve jumped all over it immediately.”

DR.OCTAVO is no stranger to success - from numerous original projects to movie soundtracks to superb surgeries for heavyweight stars such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Ginuwine, Korn, Janet Jackson, Emma Bunton and Beyonce just to name a few, Dr.Octavo has produced it all. Doc's surgeries have been featured on virtually every major record & label, entering various top 10 charts in US, Europe and Asia, peaking at No. 2 on Billboard. Hailing from Bohemia, he immigrated to Canada in 1990 where he started the music label, publishing and recording studios, Octavo Productions ( . His trademark progressive sound is based on high energy hooks, killer grooves, and big production, fitting perfectly on radio as well as clubs. The latest project, The Surgents, is receiving a lot of care & love from the Doc, as he strongly believes the time has arrived to showcase something very special & timeless from the surgical room!

THE PROFESSOR has been composing music and performing in bands for more than 20 revolutions around our star. He has made his presence known in two different Kanatian settlements: Torontonia and Edmontonia, where he has impacted radio stations and clubs with his music and performing prowess. The Professor has entertained many a Club and party goers with his table-turning and disc-jockeying skills. He has fronted many bands, providing vocals and instrumentation. The Professor and Dr.Octavo have collaborated on countless original tracks and remixes for many in 'da biz' and the professor has the uncanny ability of drafting up and lyrically penning any kind of ditty on a whim. The Surgents is a project that the professor feels is the 'piece de resistance' of all that has accumulated throughout the aforementioned orbits.

AYAN PAX is an accomplished drummer and percussionist. He has enjoyed playing in bands spanning all genres of auditory purveyance. He has been known to throw down the gauntlet by thrashing out bombastic beats that challenge even the most staid audile to "let it all go". The import of his moniker is undeniable. "Ayan" has many meanings in various tongues, including: a reflection of self/the soul; a style of African drumming; and a Shepherd. "Pax" is simply Latin for peace