The Surrender

The Surrender


The Surrender is a Rock/Indie act from San Diego comprised of members of Courtney Love/Hole and Rock Kills Kid (Warner Bros). Big sonic backdrop in the vein of U2/The Cure/Killers/Kent(Sweden) with a voice that echoes a young Peter Gabriel.


Southern California’s The Surrender has hit the scene with a brand-new sound that seems to thrill without even trying. The effortless vocals and melodies that seem so right make for a truly “modern rock” sound. Tinged with a synthesizer at times and steeped in genuine emotion, The Surrender’s sound is best described as natural and unforced. It fits framing a movie scene as easily as it does playing over speakers at a late-summer party, and feels like it could go on as a soundtrack to one’s life. The readily-relatable ethereal sound appeals to all, as does the band’s story, which prompts everyone to root for them.

The quartet’s relationship and subsequent band came together in 2008 against all odds, a theme they commonly touch upon and thread throughout their music. Relationships in general served as a muse to 2009’s debut EP ‘di Amor.’ “Letting someone down, breaking someone’s heart and celebrating someone else’s ability to pull you out of darkness with love and support,” Collin says.

Conquering and triumphing over hardship is nothing new to the band. It seems they were meant to come together no matter what. In fact, Mike Balboa, (drums/production), was born legally blind. Despite this ‘handicap,’ he became his hometown’s go-to-guy for all things recording, and later Mike’s hyper-sensitive and fine-tuned sense of hearing as a result of his lacking sight began to shape The Surrender’s sweeping sound.

In addition, Shawn Dailey’s (bass) cousin Adam was Collin Elliott’s (vocals) best friend growing up. If this seems confusing, imagine the guys’ shock when they found Collin in their search for a vocalist. He had answered a classified ad Neil and Mike posted. “The day we figured out Collin had peripherally known Shawn his whole life we realized that this was really supposed to happen.”

Interestingly, the Surrender’s members do not cite the same influences. Among them they count The Stills, The Cure, Ryan Adams and Radiohead as major players in their musical awakening. The band also believes it is important to support each others’ individual ventures - Shawn is currently playing bass for Courtney Love’s band Hole, and has maintained his relationship with the band Rock Kills Kid (Warner Bros.) along with Mike Balboa.

Though their influences, backgrounds and experiences vary greatly, they now collectively compare themselves to Interpol, The Killers and U2, and consider the music in a genre of its own. American New Romanticism, or “romanticism with a distinctly American sound” thanks to Collin’s direct and industrial voice is most likely the result of a plethora of sounds, influences and ranges coming together as The Surrender.

Togetherness is important to the band – the writing and recording process is a team effort. Normally one member will bring an idea and the band explores it fully; often the end result sounds nothing like the original concept, musically or vocally. In fact, the first song the band worked on together was their namesake, “The Surrender.” It came to them as a chorus, and after each member added his respective parts, they realized how special their abilities were. The guys credit “The Surrender” with holding them together through some trying times, its power resonating even throughout the music community as it was awarded an Honorable Mention from the 16th annual Billboard World Song Contest.

The Surrender’s EP ‘di Amor,’ which features the honored song, is a perfect reflection of the band’s style – melodic and a bit spacey, modern rock with an edgy synth sound to back it up. The EP came from a deep place – the intensity of the period of soul-searching and writing the members went through is evident as ‘di Amor’s’ soulful feel and multiple layers take listeners on a legitimate journey of heartbreak and rebirth.

Though the band does explore some darker themes, ultimately the message is a positive one. “A great song can lift you when you feel great and want to shout it. Or if you’re feeling down it can sympathize with you,” Collin says. “Great music has the power to process the thoughts, feelings and emotions we all share and show them back to us through a different lens. It helps us process things about the human condition that we don’t fully understand by starting a dialogue through art.”

The quartet has put the finishing touches on its first EP, “Di Amor”, described by Elliott as the “culmination of years of searching for musicians that got it. The idea that you can play music that has a big idea behind it without sacrificing accessibility.”

The band earned the honor of ranking in the top five best alternative rock songs on the music networking website in August 2008 with their namesake track, “The Surrender.” With a hard-hitting and powerful live show, they have carved out a niche for themselves in the Los Angeles and San Diego rock scenes.

Ironically, upon their formation, the band found that their influences were so different that they were


The Surrender

Written By: Collin Elliott

This is the moment
Where I’m owning
Everything I said or did untrue
You heard I doubted every word
And still I try
To make the ends come through
Let go, everything that I hold
Isn’t fit to be mine
But this sweet, sweet tragedy
Is creeping in

Here comes the emptiness again
I’m failing, we’re failing
I try, try to mend
But I’m faking

I just see color
Just see color
Everytime I try to close my eyes
I’m like the seasons
So deceiving
I can’t tell even when I’ve been lying
The goal, each and every soul
Must admit when they’re blind

Here comes the emptiness again
I’m failing, we’re failing
I try, try to mend
But I’m faking
The surrender comes
Much easier now
Now that you’ve moved on
So just move on

Every move
Every sin
Every vow left to defend
Every word
Left unsaid
A noose around my neck


Di Amor - EP

Set List

Off the Rails
Atom Bomb
You Should've Been Better
Devil Inside Me
The Surrender

The set can be as short as 25 min to as long as 45min. Typically no covers