The Swaggerin' Growlers

The Swaggerin' Growlers

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Overamplified, too drunk, too loud and Goddamn proud, The Swaggerin' Growlers are a riot folk band. Featuring a fast, tight punk rock rhythm section tempered with the soaring lead work on fiddle and mandolin, their whiskey drenched anthems bring everyone to their feet.


The Swaggerin' Growlers are a riot folk band. We play on Acoustic Guitars and Mandolins, Overamplified, too drunk, too loud, and Goddamn proud. We started with a love for the Pogues and old Irish Folk, then discovered Billy Bragg, Woody Guthrie, and grew up with Boston Hardcore Punk. Mix with Ska and Swing, shake vigorously, and throw at the nearest passerby. What you see is what you get: No Apologies. No Remorse. No Regrets. Grab another drink and lets tear it up and maybe make a difference.
Ní neart go cur le chéile.
There is no strength without unity.


The Bottle and the Bow (2007, CD, Thugly Goose Records)
Keep Your Head Held High (2009, CD, Thugly Goose Records)
Outlaw Waltz (2010, Single, Thugly Goose Records)