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Mix organic Hip Hop with the swagger of Funk, then throw in some soulful R&B, and you have the phenomenon that is Swamphouse. Dubbed Funk-Hop by our following, Swamphouse melds an uncommon mixture of musicians from various schools of music creating a fresh sound for a generation of music lovers.


Sometimes it’s just a matter of good luck. You’re there for a special watershed moment in time, invited to witness and live history and snag a cool glimpse of a bright and funky future. It’s an exclusive, exciting and unexpected “I was there” experience to pass on to the next generations. For a few hundred hip, progressive and open-minded modern and retro soul fans in Los Angeles, that night came in 2005 when they entered the Swamphouse at B.B. King’s club and found themselves seduced by a vibe that mixes organic hip-hop with the grooving attitude of funk and the soul of R&B. Driven by the vision of Bay Area bred rapper Pause, Swamphouse unveils its fresh new horn drenched eight piece lineup on the new five-track EP The Fade.

It’s a curious title for an infectious, tightly played and produced set that’s already got a lot of folks’ heads bobbin’ and fingers snappin’ while lingering like a high spirited summer party in their memories for a long time. Two of the songs have already won monthly awards in the VH1-sponsored Song of the Year Contest; the songs which win each month are eligible for the ultimate annual award at the end of 2009.

February’s winner “Break Down,” a soaring, bluesy-funk jam about a lover who gets off on bringing her partner down, was praised by the judges as “one awesome track! The sizzling mix of rap and funk makes for an incredibly original tune. The rap is full of attitude and the music is energetic and backs up the attitude.” April’s winner “Good Girl,” a high energy, tongue in cheek pop/rock/soul tune, was praised for its “addictive combination of hip-hop and pop that shows the craving for a virtuous woman. The music has a fantastic groove with excellent vocals, strong beat, perfect melodies and a sweet arrangement.”

These accolades are just the latest flowing for an ensemble that, in addition to original members Pause, Devin, guitarist John MF Stover and drummer Blewfoot, now includes three former students from the Cal State Northridge Jazz Performance Program (bassist Mike Navarette, trombonist Nick and trumpeter Forrest) and former Berklee College of Music student Tuna Butter (keyboards). Pioneering sounds that continuously take people by surprise, Swamphouse has funked up crowds of every age and ethnicity looking for a new sound that’s both slyly deviant and remarkably honest.

Over the past few years, the band has built a massive and loyal following (including many who have seen them again and again!) by performing regularly at hometown L.A. hotspots like House of Blues, Key Club, Knitting Factory and The Viper Room; up and down the West Coast, from Pause’s old stomping grounds in the Bay Area, where he launched his career as a young beatmaker,; in Chicago at the HOB, the Wild Hair, and the African Arts Festival; they’ve shared the stage with legendary hip-hop acts like Big Daddy Kane, Afrika Bambaataa and Lady of Rage as well new school leaders like Talib Kweli, Lil Flip, and Twista. In fact, after Swamphouse released its first indie CD Drinkin’ All Day in 2006 they traveled overseas to Israel to play for the 7500+ in attendance at University of Rehovot’s student day.

Swamphouse is currently working on new tracks that will be part of its upcoming full length album that is due to drop in September.

Set List

Sets can vary between 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours depending on time slot.