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The best kept secret in music


"These four lads are about as close to '77 as we're gonna get"

Every five years or so you gotta spin a Clash record or catch bands like Rochester's The Sweatshop Boys. These four lads are about as close to '77 as we're gonna get. The band doesn't come across as snotty but they definitely are pissed. The music on their new CD, Is Your Mind Diseased?, is cacophonous, with enough proficiency to make sense and enough edge to challenge the standards. They're rock 'n' roll with clever dalliances into punk's genuine danger and bravado. Can you dig?

It's unfortunate that we need to be reminded what's both important and cool, but since it's punk rock doing the talking, it'll be fun, too. It's invigorating to hear young bands like The Sweatshop Boys raging against all things plastic, suburban, and right wing with loud and fast aggression. It's an even bigger thrill to see this music take hold with a generation that needs punk's message now more than ever.

-Frank DeBlase - City Newspaper

"...Smart, politically charged lyrics"

The Sweatshop boys Dropped off their new album, Is Your Mind Diseased?, which rises above your ordinary punk rock, creating music with a message. Smart, politically-charged lyrics combine with frenetic axe work and impassioned vocals, sort of Bad Religion meets early Green Day. It's the kind of punk rock spirit you long for as it feeds the soul!

-Michelle Picardo - Freetime Magazine

"...angry lyrics sung towards the corrupt system"

I received this album from Neil of the Sweatshop Boys himself, he asked me to review it and with a name as the Sweatshop Boys I really did get very curious. This four-piece comes from Rochester, USA and is working hard on getting their musical message across. ‘Doesn’t every band?’ you ask… Well I suppose so yes, but do they have the ability to make us listen? Every now and again a band crosses our paths that actually manage to pump the energy back into our veins to actually get off our asses and receive their wake up call loud and clear. In my opinion, this is definitely one of those bands.
The title ‘Is your mind diseased’ is the first thing leading you into their world of thinking.

With angry lyrics sung towards the corrupt system a lot of people follow, the album starts off with the words ‘we control ourselves as much as we can’. The short intro is followed by a powerful track which makes it clear that the listener is going to listen up and pay attention. Though the lyrics aren’t very joyful, ‘Now in a V.A. hospital there’s a man split in half with a medal and a photo next to his bed, he said goodbye to walking and goodbye to fucking’, the music itself doesn’t sound very aggressive. It’s not until the next song that their sound becomes what you’d expect when you read their lyrics. Great vocals as well! I have read that these guys have been compared to bands such as Bad Religion and Green Day. I might agree on the Bad Religion part, because of the lyrics… but other than that, I wouldn’t know what to compare them to. Not that that’s necessary, they do their own thing and actually (unlike some) know what they’re saying.

I would love to tell you more, but I think it’s up to the listeners to form their own opinion about these guys. Their opinions might not be yours and you’d not give them a second thought… after all, it’s the lyrics that makes this such a powerful band.

-Claire Schuurman -


"The Republic Breathes On"-2001-LP
Available to download in full at:

"Is Your Mind Diseased?"-2005-LP
Currently available for sale at:
Live Shows
Lakeshore Records (Rochester, NY)
The Record Archive (Rochester, NY)

Available to listen at:

Radio Airplay:
-Alfred State University College Radio Station
-WBER 90.5 (Rochester) Local show Sunday 8-10pm
-"Sunday Night Shakedown" WBZA 98.9 (Rochester)
Sundays 9-11pm
-Texas State University radio KTSW 89.9 punk show,
Wednesdays- 6-8pm


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Sweatshop Boys were originally concieved in 1992 by cub scout friends Jay and Steve at the tender (and impressionable) ages of 9. Band name changes came in the coming years before settling on The Sweatshop Boys, a sort of twisted tribute to The Petshop Boys, just before Neil joined in 1997.

The Sweatshop Boys recorded their first full length album "The Republic Breathes On" in 2001. Due to a shoestring budget spent mostly on recording, "The Republic Breathes On" was relegated to an unmastered, low-key CD-R release loved by those fortunate enough to get their hands on a copy.

Member changes followed until deciding on moving Steve from drums to bass and vocals to make room for Guy, rounding out the current (and tightest) lineup. The Sweatshop Boys have become known for their energetic live shows, often punctuated by Neil's frequent ventures from the stage into the crowd.

The release of "Is Your Mind Diseased?" has been met with great reviews from local publications and radio and with successful tours in April of 2005 and August of 2005, The Sweatshop Boys are committed to getting their music heard by anyone with a wish of ruptured ear drums.